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Dreamweaver 2.0 for Windows and MacIntosh

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Dreamweaver 2.0 for Windows and MacIntosh

J. Tarin Towers, & Corbin Collins

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  Paperback, 2nd ed., 384pp.
ISBN:    0201354357
Publisher:    Peachpit Press
Pub. Date:    February 1999

This affordable, accessible book is a concise, low-cost guide to the hottest new Web publishing tool. Full cross-platform coverage includes a companion Web site, created with Dreamweaver, which includes dozens of links to shareware tools, design examples, and HTML reference sites.

Expert Commentary

From The Publisher:
Whether readers are just starting to learn the basics of Web page design or looking to build on their Web design expertise, this book will give them a thorough grounding in Dreamweaver's capabilities. Covers Dreamweaver's advanced tools for behaviors, layers, timelines, libraries, style sheets, plug-ins, frames, and more.

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