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We have provided a series of tutorials to help you get started. They are for the most part arranged as a series of pages that are connected in a linear manner. A list of these tutorials followed by a brief description is given below.

Basic XML

These tutorials are infact a chapter in a book that never got published (the editor thought it was too complicated for beginners). It is available as a word97 file or a text file ( no graphics).

The parts of a document

This page gives an insight into how a book is organized, and lays out the ground work of the prototype Gutenberg DTD's. It is certainly worth reading even if you intend to use another DTD to markup the documents. If you prefer 'dead-tree' descriptions of book structure you are referred to the "Chicago manual of Style".

The Tools of the Trade

We will be adding to this section from time to time. In it we give an account of some the tools available if you find one that you find particularly useful let us know and we will feature it on this page!



This page gives some information on how XHTML differs from HTML. Read it if you want to mark up a document in XHTML.

Marking up an Etext with XHTML

If you want to markup a document in XHTML this page and the next will give you the will formation that you need.


Book DTD's

This page discusses some of the book DTD's available for marking up Gutenberg e-texts, discusses the importance of using a DTD, and gives a brief introduction to the top level of the Gutdoc DTD's. It serves as an introduction to the tutorial on the structure of the gut DTD's.

The Gutenberg DTD's

This tutorial details the structure of the Gutenberg DTD's. Read these pages if you are going to use the Gutenberg DTD's to markup a document.


Marking up an Etext with the Gutenberg DTD's

This tutorial walks you through the process of marking up a poem and book using the Gutenberg DTD's


TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) is the markup language used by most academics for their research. It has numerous elements and quite a complex structure, and can be somewhat intimidating for a beginners. However it is perfectly possible to markup a document with a minimum subset of this language. This tutorial is an introduction to the complexities of TEI.


Marking up an Etext using TEI

This tutorial lays out the rudiments of marking up a Gutenberg Etext in TEI. This page just demonstrates how a poem can be marked up in TEI. If you are not familiar with TEI you are encouraged to read these pages first.

Style Sheets

You can find information about style sheets on this page. Note that this page does not tell you how to write a style sheet!


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