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Online Web Design and Technology Classes

Select any web design course from the below classes list offering beginning to advanced levels. Allour courses are taught online and are instructor led classes which many lead to one of our four Web Professional certification tracks.

A131 - Introduction to Dreamweaver
Site management, visual design, tools for creating tables and forms, implementing style sheets, and adding javascript or behaviors.
A222 - Advanced Macromedia Flash
A course on action scripting, from A to Z. Learn the most hidden secrets of Flash.
A231 - Web Animation with Flash (Introductory)
Introductory Flash Course: how to do everything in Flash the right way. Covers every notion and the basics of actionscripting.
A232 - Macromedia Fireworks
Learn the software people call Photoshop on internet steroids!
A233 - Intermediate Flash
The intermediate class takes off where the introduction stopped and gets much deeper into flash.
B111 - Contracting Your Services
Types of Contracts (fixed price vs. hourly) , Contract Development, Creating Your Template, Estimating Costs, Managing the Client and the Work.
B113 - Selling Your Services
Topics include identifying leads, generating interest in your services, closing the deal, getting follow on work.
B121 - Web Content Writing and Editing
Utilizes examples, discussions, and exercises designed to demystify the art and science of effective writing and editing for the e-audience.
B131 - Project Management
Learn how to manage projects.
B141 - Legal Issues for Web Designers and Content Managers
Learn about information security, copyright and trademark laws.
B320 - Search Engine Optimization
Search engines are the #1 way people find new sites on the Web. Learn techniques to increase traffic to your site and get you a top search engine ranking.
B321 - Web Site Promotion
This course shows how small businesses are successfully taking advantage of the Internet for promotional and marketing opportunities.
D210 - Introduction to Designing Accessible Websites
Explore the area of web accessibility using a hand-on and project-based approach.
D300 - Design Concepts
Intimidated by design or creativity? Want to learn how to create more effective site and graphic designs? Then this is the course for you!
D313 - Introduction to Web Design
Designing and developing a web site
G301 - Photoshop Level 1
Intimidated by Photoshop? NOT after this course! Learn the basics, expand your skills and learn professional techniques from the start!
G303 - Photoshop for the Web
This well-rounded course includes in-depth coverage of must-have skills.
G401 - Adobe Illustrator
This class introduces students to the tools available in Illustrator, how to use them, how to work with objects, clip art, bitmaps (web-graphics), text, color and much, much more.
H101 - Introduction to HTML
Learn HTML 4.0 by hand! Get rid of the WYSIWYG and get down to the nuts and bolts of HTML. Great for beginners!
H102 - HTML Level 2
Covers the Strict DTD, more complex tables and briefly covers form layout, image maps, Universal Accessibility, and JavaScrip.
H111 - HTML Forms
Forms, form objects, form validation and working with user input.
H151 - Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Learn the basics of separating style from structure within an HTML document.
H152 - Intermediate CSS Workshop
Intermediate-level workshop focuses on real-world CSS issues and applications - including a brief review of basic CSS concepts and 5 hands-on projects
H153 - CSS 2.1 in Depth
Selectors, Inline Layout, Floating and Positioning
H401 - Introduction to XHTML
Study the structure and syntax of XHTML, the bridge language between HTML and XML.
MS300 - Introduction to Database Design
This course will give you the steps to design a database.
MS303 - Introduction to SQL (Using Access)
Hands-on class in learning SQL queries - Great for beginners
MS304 - Introduction to SQL (Using MySQL)
Hands-on class in learning SQL queries for MySQL users.
MS311 - MySQL
Learn to install, run, tune, create and use MySQL databases.
MS321 - SQL Server Design and Implementation
Hands on class in developing with SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.
MS331 - Introduction to SQL Server
Create and manipulate database objects such as tables, indexes, views, and triggers.
P010 - Introduction to Programming Concepts
Learn the basic building blocks of programming/scripting. Students will be exposed to the syntax and logic of programming - applicable to any language
P100 - Introduction to PHP
Variables, arrays, flow control, form interaction, sticky forms, functions and code libraries.
P104 - Shopping Cart Using PHP and MySQL
Build a shopping cart from scratch.
P112 - Introduction to JSP
Learn JSP
P121 - Introduction to ColdFusion Web Development
Learn to build database-driven web sites with powerful capabilities in no time at all without prior programming experience.
P122 - Intermediate ColdFusion
Complex datatypes, looping structures, in-depth debugging and troubleshooting, charting and graphing.
P131 - Introduction to JavaScript
Learn fundamentals of using and writing JavaScript and basic programming concepts, which apply to all web scripting languages.
P132 - Intermediate JavaScript
This course focuses on JavaScript's object-based features and creating practical JavaScript applications
P140 - Java for Non-Programmers
Explore the Java language fundamentals
P141 - Programming in Java - Introduction
Explore the Java language fundamentals, use Java for client-side applets
P142 - Intermediate Java Programming
Object Oriented Programming.
P153 - Introduction to Perl
Basic working knowledge of Perl
P176 - Introduction to C#
Learn C# and learn how to use Visual Studio IDE
P177 - .NET Development with C#
Develop ASP.NET applications for the web
P180 - .NET Development with Visual Basic
Develop ASP.NET applications for the web
P183 - Introduction to ASP
Fundamentals of using Active Server Pages (ASP)
P184 - Intermediate ASP
Using Active Server Pages (ASP) with Databases
S111 - Web Security
Learn the basics of secure coding, prevention of buffer overflow attacks, secure database integration and relevant legal/privacy issues.
X101 - Introduction to XML
Learn the basics to Extensible Markup Language. (XML) This class will emphasize hands on instruction and practical usage of XML.
X102 - Intermediate XML
Extend your basic understanding of XML. Learn DOM, XSLT, and more. Each week the student will be expected to complete a small project.
ZGC10 - Introduction to Game Production
Fundamental concepts for managing a game project.
ZGC11 - Introduction to Game Design
Introduction to Game Design
ZGP10 - Introduction to C++ Using Games
Learn C++
ZGP11 - Introduction to Windows Game Programming Using C++
Game Programming with C++
ZGP12 - 3D Game Programming Using DirectX
3D Game Programming Using DirectX


"Excellent class materials! The instructor's lectures were most informative and had many good reference links. The textbook is ourtstanding - it had become a local bible at my place of employment a year ago." -- James MacGregor, Introduction to XHTML class student.

"Everything about the online course was excellent. The textbook is a great resource, the lectures add real insight to the reading and the class assignments are thorough enough to show that you have grasped the lesson. The personal interaction with Frani and Quail makes it complete. It's like being in class without ever leaving your room." -- Michael Schlossman, Introduction to HTML student.

"Feedback was almost immediate, which allowed me time to concentrate on my weak points. The material was very good and succeeded in furthering my understanding of the subject. " -- Mary Gunstone, Introduction to CSS student.

"This online class helped me understand how to design Web graphics and the techniques used in Paint Shop Pro came in useful when using other graphic programs. The projects were excellent and the feedback was timely, complete and inspiring. This is another model class. The foundation developed in this intro class actually helped me when I took the Intro to Flash class." -- Jan A Hunt, Creating Web Graphics with Paint Shop Pro student.

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