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2001 Annual Membership Meeting

The Guild bylaws call for an annual meeting of the members. The 2001 meeting was held at 6:30 pm Pacific time on April 26, 2001, on the Guild's IRC server, at port 6667.

The agenda for the 2001 member meeting was:

  • 1. Welcome and Introduction of GB Members: Frank Boumphrey
  • 2. Overall State of the Guild: Frank Boumphrey
  • 3. Treasurer's Report: Chris Higgs
  • 4. Specific HWG activities:
    • A. Online Classes: Gretchen Lowerison
    • B. AWARE Center: Kynn Bartlett
    • C. Mailing List Program: Chris Higgs
    • D. W3C Activities: Marshall Jansen
    • E. XML and Project Gutenberg: Carole Gay
  • 5. Thanks to Retiring Members: Frank Boumphrey
  • 6. End of planned schedule
  • 7. Question and Answer session


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