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Town Hall Meeting - 27 January 2000

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[20:20] *** Now talking in #townhall
[20:20] *** nancy has joined #townhall
[20:20] [FredGB] Hello
[20:21] [nancy] hi fred
[20:23] [FredGB] So, how is everybody?
[20:24] [nancy] cold ... and not enjoying the snow :)
[20:24] [Don] Hi Fred, just coming back from listening to Bill's opeing of the State of The Union Address. How's it going?
[20:24] [FredGB] Colds here too, but it's only raining.
[20:25] [Don] Hi Nancy
[20:25] [FredGB] Hi Don.
[20:25] [nancy] hi don
[20:27] [Don] I think its cold just about everywhere tonight, I'm in South Carolina and it has been unseasonably cold
[20:27] [FredGB] Well I'm in Louisiana and the high yesterday was in the mid 40's.
[20:28] [nancy] i was trapped at work for 36 hours because of the snow... right now, i would love to be in 40 degree weather
[20:29] [Don] Talked to my folks in Annapolis, MD last night - They got about 18 or 20" of the white stuff.
[20:29] [FredGB] 36 hours! Ya'll must've lived off vending machines. :-)
[20:30] [nancy] yup, that's about 45 minutes south of me... where my father lives
[20:30] [nancy] actually, delivery food and take out. someone had a 4wheel truck and could make it to the convience store next to us
[20:31] *** Yvonne has joined #townhall
[20:31] [FredGB] My sister lives outside D.C. They sent us pictures of them playing in the snow.
[20:31] [FredGB] Hello Yvonne.
[20:31] [Yvonne] Hi all :)
[20:31] [Yvonne] has the meeting started yet?
[20:31] [Don] Hello, we have been catching up on the weather stats
[20:32] [Yvonne] I"m terrible at time zone conversions :)
[20:32] [Don] It's 9:30PM here in the east
[20:32] [Yvonne] btw...for any of you who might have seen it...I"m Yvonne MacGregor with the LP team and Admin :)
[20:32] [FredGB] More or less. I'm pretty free-form in this. If you have any questions or comments, just sing out (so to speak).
[20:33] [FredGB] LP Team? (GBer showing his ignorance)
[20:33] [Yvonne] sorry :) Lost Password
[20:33] [nancy] ahhhhhhhh......
[20:34] [FredGB] Oh, I guess you people stay busy then. :-)
[20:34] [Yvonne] hehehe a couple times a month yeah :)
[20:34] [FredGB] Only a couple?
[20:34] [FredGB] :-)
[20:35] [FredGB] BRB.
[20:35] [Yvonne] k :)
[20:35] [Don] Maintaining passwords can be a real pain in the @#$&*%, Any recomendations?
[20:36] [Don] I have lots of them at work and at home. I try to synchronize, but not always possible.
[20:36] [Yvonne] personally...I tend to set them up with a name and numbers that corresponde with the date I created them
[20:38] [Yvonne] I break up the date differently...sometimes surrounding the name...sometimes preceding..sometimes following...but as I have about 50 passwords to remember...I know the format at least stays fairly standard :)
[20:39] [FredGB] Back.
[20:40] [HRC] here
[20:40] [Yvonne] maybe you can answer a question for me Fred, do you know how the volunteer credit system works?
[20:40] [FredGB] Passwords: For non-sensative stuff, I just use the same one over and over.
[20:41] *** Mr-HomePa has joined #townhall
[20:41] [FredGB] Well, I believe that you get credit towards a Full membership or perhaps other items (t-shirts, classes, etc.) for a certain amount of time you work as a volunteer.
[20:41] [Yvonne] and who do you contact with regards to that?
[20:42] [Yvonne] I have sent a few emails to havent received a reply as of yet
[20:42] [nancy] you might try ann... she's still the treasurer, right?
[20:42] [Yvonne] yeah she is nancy...thanks..thats a good idea :)
[20:42] [FredGB] We haven't discussed volunteer credits lately, so I'm a little behind on them. I think you program manager submits them, so he/she should have some idea there.
[20:43] [Yvonne] I asked Mike, but I think he is kind of vague on it too
[20:44] [FredGB] Hello Mr HomePa.
[20:44] [Mr-HomePa] hi
[20:44] [nancy] back when i was in the LG program... i vaguely remember talking to ann about it
[20:44] [FredGB] If Ann doesn't control that, she'll know who does.
[20:45] [Mr-HomePa] my total of meetings attended has now risen to 2! haha
[20:45] [Yvonne] I checked into it about 6 months ago...but never even thought of her
[20:45] [Don] LG? :0
[20:45] [nancy] List Guide :)
[20:45] [Mr-HomePa] what do you get volunteer credits for doing?
[20:45] [Don] Ahhh
[20:46] [FredGB] Working as a volunteer Mr HomePa.
[20:46] [Mr-HomePa] where at? i guess like what kind of volunteer?
[20:47] [HRC] what tasks do volunteers perform?
[20:47] *** Chief50 has joined #townhall
[20:47] [FredGB] Any area that we need/use volunteers in, like the List Guides, Logo Team, FAQ Team, etc.
[20:47] [Don] I have had Ann and Gretchen for Instructors and also coresponded withe Frani - I have been real impressed with all.
[20:47] [Mr-HomePa] HRC - yea, that's what i mean
[20:47] [Don] I would like to get involved somehow
[20:47] [Mr-HomePa] ok
[20:48] [HRC] :)
[20:48] *** Chief50 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[20:48] [FredGB] We have a page on the web site with listings for programs that need volunteers, and the newsletter carries them too.
[20:48] [Mr-HomePa] k
[20:48] [Don] Hey Chief, How's it going?
[20:49] [Yvonne]
[20:50] [nancy] the FAQ program needs volunteers *hinthint*
[20:50] [Yvonne] hehehe nancy
[20:51] [Don] I'm being quiet... very quiet!
[20:51] [nancy] hunting rabbits?
[20:52] [HRC] voluteer for FAQ-- found this in a newsletter
[20:52] [HRC]
[20:52] [nancy] that would be it ....
[20:52] [Don] I think it would be important to know the answers first! ;-)
[20:52] [HRC] lol
[20:52] [Mr-HomePa] hah
[20:53] *** Chance has joined #townhall
[20:53] [nancy] we're not playing jeopardy :)
[20:53] [FredGB] Hello Chance.
[20:53] [Chance] hello, sorry I'm late - needed new client
[20:54] [Don] Very funny nancy ,-)
[20:55] [Don] I'll save the links
[20:55] [FredGB] BTW, another benefit of volunteering is the ability to move up in the HWG.
[20:55] [HRC] Voluteer the HWG page Fred mentioned is here
[20:55] [HRC]
[20:56] [FredGB] I started out as a Logo Team volunteer, went to Manager, then the Board. :-)
[20:56] [nancy] that's a benefit? :)
[20:56] [Yvonne] brb :)
[20:56] [nancy] just joking....
[20:56] [Mr-HomePa] cool
[20:56] [FredGB] Well, the jury's still out I guess on that Nancy. :-)
[20:56] [HRC] hey what ever happend tho the logo thing.. is ther gonna be a new one?
[20:56] [FredGB] Of course, your mileage may vary.
[20:57] [HRC] Yugos get mileage? Logo is something else?
[20:57] [Don] Nancy -Sort of like the Monster.Com TV ad ; - it Cracks me up every time I see it!
[20:57] [FredGB] But volunteering is one way to gain the hands on experience needed.
[20:58] [nancy] hey... i'm happy being an underachiever when it comes to this work :)
[20:58] [HRC] I guess the logo thing is dead
[20:58] [FredGB] As for the Logo, I haven't heard anything recently about us changing it. I think we're going to stick with this one for awhile.
[20:58] [nancy] though i will admit, my volunteer work has taught me a LOT about how the guild works and things like that
[20:58] [HRC] I volunteer to forget about it
[20:59] [FredGB] Has anybody used the new we added recently?
[21:00] [nancy] not yet
[21:00] [Don] I think I'd like to help out, but would like to check it out some more.
[21:00] [HRC] I am interested in converting my sites, or at least the small ones first, to accessable pages. I am wondering if there are any programs around or being developed to "wizard" the conversions?
[21:02] [HRC] Searchhbutton.. I just used it a few minutes ago. works pretty good from Florida.
[21:02] [FredGB] HomeSite does include accessibilty attributes for tags in the dialog boxes, but it doesn't convert. I'm not aware of any program that will do that.
[21:03] [HRC] Yeah I started conversion on a site, and it is tough to find all the stuff on the first or even second pass. A good wizard would be a blessing.
[21:03] [FredGB] Now there are programs like Bobby which will validate you page for accessibility.
[21:04] [FredGB] But it doesn't do any editing.
[21:04] [FredGB] Bobby is at
[21:04] [FredGB] W3C also has an online accessibilty validator.
[21:05] [HRC] Yes. I got the tip on Bobby for the Guild (somehow) and then I tried to work over a small site. I would change page, then send it through Bobby. Very slow process. I am feeling a strong desire to make the conversions. However I am feeling the time pinch that needs a wizard tool.
[21:07] [HRC] I think I am signed up for a special newsletter on this from the Guild. Newsletter is irregular and so far not mentioning any programs to help with conversion production.
[21:07] [HRC] I get one from somewhere.
[21:09] [HRC] Maybe not. Must have been my imagination. I can't find an accessibility newsletter in my files, know of one?
[21:10] [Yvonne] back
[21:10] [Mr-HomePa] wb
[21:10] [HRC] well,
[21:10] [HRC] harrumph
[21:10] [Yvonne] thanks :)
[21:10] *** Heath has joined #townhall
[21:10] [HRC] whos got the gavel?
[21:10] * Mr-HomePa has a remote
[21:11] [FredGB] Sorry, I was saving an mp3.
[21:11] [nancy] hey fred, completely off topic... can you log onto the ftp site? i was just on it updating some pages, and now i can't get back on
[21:11] [FredGB] I'm multitasking! :-)
[21:11] [nancy] NO!
[21:12] [Yvonne] see? volunteering has other benefits too heheheh
[21:12] [FredGB] HRC, I'm not sure about the newsletter. Accessibility is Kynn's forte' and he's not here.
[21:12] [HRC] auto-multi-tasking?
[21:12] [FredGB] Nancy, no I can't.
[21:13] [HRC] Yeah I did notice that Kynn is absent and is the one behind the accessibilty issues.. oh well another time, perhaps. Thank you Fred.
[21:14] [FredGB] You can write him and ask of course.
[21:17] [FredGB] So, anything else?
[21:17] [HRC] im out
[21:18] [Yvonne] nothing on my end
[21:18] [FredGB] Does everyone know that next month's Town Hall meeting will be special?
[21:19] [HRC] tell us again?
[21:19] [Yvonne] because?
[21:19] [nancy] nope, why is that?
[21:19] [Mr-HomePa] hmm, nothing really here, just remembered so i thought id make my career #2 :)
[21:19] [HRC] In February, we will not have a town hall meeting but instead will
[21:19] [HRC] have our annual online membership meeting, open to all members and
[21:19] [HRC] featuring reports on the state of the Guild. More details will be
[21:19] [HRC] announced in later newsletters, but you can mark down the date of
[21:19] [HRC] Thursday, February 24 on your calendar!
[21:20] [Heath] how are the reports presented?
[21:20] [FredGB] What he said. :-)
[21:20] [nancy] ohhhhh, man i should have remembered that ... is that also the anniversary of the wonderful 1st (and only) GB elections?
[21:21] [HRC] ten days after Valentines Day
[21:22] [FredGB] It'll be an IRC type thing like this. Those making reports will likely use an insert method, but they will be text. And all, or nearly all the GB will be in attendance (unlike tonight).
[21:22] [Heath] thanks, Fred
[21:22] [FredGB] It'll be the 2 year anniversary Nancy.
[21:22] [Yvonne] cool
[21:23] [FredGB] I know that cause I came in at that time, and I'm ending my 2nd year as a GB member.
[21:23] [HRC] time flys when you're writing code
[21:23] [nancy] 1 year... 2 year... it all just merges together :)
[21:23] [FredGB] One year left, on this term anyway.
[21:23] [nancy] time does fly
[21:23] *** achoate has joined #townhall
[21:23] [HRC] if Fred leaves, who will say Hi to everyone?
[21:24] [nancy] hi aaron!
[21:24] [FredGB] Hello Aaron.
[21:24] [HRC] :)
[21:24] [achoate] Hi
[21:24] [FredGB] When I leave, the Town Hall meetings stop, apparently. :-)
[21:24] [HRC] whoa, have you seen a doctor about that?
[21:25] [HRC] :)
[21:25] [Yvonne] guess you are just gonna have to put a cot in here and stay then Fred :)
[21:26] [FredGB] I guess that could be considered job security: Lose me, lose the meetings.
[21:26] [FredGB] :-)
[21:26] [FredGB] But on the other hand, lack of attendance might mean they wouldn't view it as a great loss. :-)
[21:27] [HRC] it's must be late this is getting very bad
[21:27] [Heath] Hey, Fred -- maybe some people have the prob I had tonight -- couldn't get the Java client started
[21:27] [FredGB] What's getting bad? The conversation?
[21:27] [Heath] Had to download mIRC, that's why I was late.
[21:27] [HRC] topic
[21:28] [FredGB] Java can be a bit finicky. I use mIRC exclusively.
[21:28] [HRC] I have also found the java client to be slow
[21:28] [Chance] Heath: Same problem here (client) - Java didn't work. Downloaded VIRC '98
[21:28] [nancy] i use pirch, no problemos
[21:28] [HRC] VIRC?
[21:28] [FredGB] It's not as bad as our previous client. eShare was pure garbage!
[21:29] [HRC] sure was
[21:29] *** Chris has joined #townhall
[21:29] [nancy] could that server problem be connected to the ftp server problem?
[21:29] [Heath] Yeah, but suppose you have 50 people trying to get on & they all try Java cause they're newbies like me -- they won't come back (I'm stubborn ;))
[21:29] [FredGB] Random disconnects, lock ups. Only good thing it had was images.
[21:29] [Chance] HRC, Visual IRC '98 - got it from tucows
[21:29] *** Carole has joined #townhall
[21:29] [HRC] ah hah! good thinking nancy
[21:29] [FredGB] Hi Chris.
[21:29] [Yvonne] I use pirch too..cept tonight for some logged me on as restricted to the that normal?
[21:30] [Chris] Hi Fred - sorry I'm late - staff meeting
[21:30] [Heath] YOu'll see two unknown connections out there, Fred -- they're probably me from earlier w/Java
[21:30] [Carole] Hi Everybody. Late, I know. Had to load Pirch. my old client was expired :(
[21:30] [FredGB] I got a restricted notice too. Joe Cline mentioned earlier he was fiddling with the settings.
[21:30] [HRC] restricted here also
[21:30] [Carole] restricted here,too
[21:30] [Yvonne] seemed wierd...cuz then I couldnt change my nick *shrug*
[21:30] [Heath] Me, too.
[21:30] [Mr-HomePa] restricted here too
[21:30] [Mr-HomePa] heh
[21:30] [nancy] hi chris
[21:31] [Mr-HomePa] i couldn't change mine either
[21:31] [Chris] Hi Nancy
[21:31] [FredGB] I think Joe did that because the old setting made whoever was 1st in a room an operator.
[21:31] [HRC] yes, I also had the nick change problem, had to log off and back on
[21:31] [Yvonne] ahhhh ok
[21:32] [Carole] Hi Chris, Fred, and all. Some names I don't recognize. Are we official or still waiting?. :)
[21:32] [Heath] Whoa, that's scary
[21:32] [HRC] tell him to put a bot in there as operator
[21:32] [Yvonne] hi Carole
[21:32] [Yvonne] hi Chris
[21:32] [Yvonne] and hi Aaron (missed ya when you came in)
[21:32] [Carole] Hi Yvonne
[21:32] [FredGB] And that wasn't good, so he restricted it until he can set it for just GBers.
[21:32] [Carole] Hey Aaron, Long time no see.
[21:32] [HRC] do we need to register?
[21:33] [FredGB] We've been meeting about an hour now Carole.
[21:33] [achoate] Hi
[21:33] [FredGB] I don't think so HRC.
[21:33] [Carole] Yeah, I had to load a new client. :(
[21:33] [HRC] Thank you, Fred
[21:33] *** HRC has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[21:34] [Carole] Hey Chris, Congrats on the GB job. Good to see you on the crew!!
[21:34] *** Harlan has joined #townhall
[21:35] [Harlan] There ya go FRED sorry bout the initials HRC yall
[21:35] [Carole] So what's on tonite's adgenda?
[21:35] [FredGB] We don't need no stinking agenda.
[21:35] [FredGB] :-)
[21:36] [Mr-HomePa] hah
[21:36] [FredGB] So far we've talked about volunteer credits, the new engine for the web site, other stuff.
[21:36] [Carole] Rrarw, guy :)
[21:37] [FredGB] If anybody has something theyed like to ask, or comment on, go ahead.
[21:37] [Carole] Ah so. Speaking of volunteers. I'm a glutton for that sort of thing, though I am taking this JS class off to catch up on some other things.
[21:38] [Carole] How are things progressing with the Speakers Bureau, Sir Fred?
[21:38] [FredGB] Not my department, but no problems reported so far.
[21:38] [Carole] I mean, are we getting the needed volunteers, etc?
[21:39] [FredGB] We have had some volunteers.
[21:40] [Carole] I think it's a great idea and will certainly give us some visibility out there. BTW, where's Kynn tonite?
[21:41] [Mr-HomePa] brb
[21:41] *** Mr-HomePa has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[21:41] [FredGB] Can't say. I don't think he's out of town.
[21:41] *** Craig has joined #townhall
[21:41] [FredGB] Hi CVraig.
[21:41] [FredGB] Craig
[21:41] [Craig] ok back
[21:41] [Chris] brb2
[21:42] [Craig] heh, had that restriction on my nick
[21:42] [Carole] So, is everybody quiet cause I showed up, or what? Usually there is much discussion about all kinds of stuff.
[21:42] [Craig] ....was also supposed to be Mr-HomePage, but o well
[21:42] [nancy] kynn's on ICQ... but who knows where he actually is
[21:42] [Carole] LOL
[21:42] [Harlan] we were all talking abt you Caolre , just kidding :)
[21:42] [Don] I'm new so, I'm being quiet and checkin' you all out! :-)
[21:42] [Harlan] Carol
[21:42] [Harlan] Carole
[21:42] [Harlan] Sounds better than I spell
[21:43] [FredGB] Scary, isn't it Don? :-)
[21:43] [Carole] I figured as much, Harlan. My ears were burning. :)
[21:43] [Don] Done worse!
[21:44] [Carole] What's cooking with the AWARE center, since himself isn't here to answer my question...
[21:44] [Harlan] pick on the guy while he's gone
[21:45] [FredGB] Very well. Kynn has had 5 (or is it 6?) people accept his invitation to join the AWARE Center board.
[21:45] [Carole] Don, How would you like to become a volunteer? We need some, and I am the infamous mouth from ....Well, anyway, I'm glad we have an Ombudsman now. I can give up that job between the rock and the hard place. :)
[21:46] [Chance] I'm sorry, Fred, what is AWARE?
[21:46] [Carole] Gosh I'm glad to hear that. I have been a staunch believer in the Center since I took Kynn's Accessibility class
[21:47] [Don] We discussed this a while ago! I would like to get involved, but am checking things out a bit. I joined the Guild last summer - so Far been real impressed. I think you all have been doin' great. (Pat on backs!!! :0)
[21:47] [Harlan] HERE IS aware
[21:47] [Carole] It is the HWG's answer to getting the word to the world about the importance of well written pages accessible all web users.
[21:47] [FredGB] The AWARE Center is a place where people can go to learn about accessibility. Not only designing web pages, but hardware, software, etc.
[21:48] [nancy] i've already bugged don about joining the FAQ team as a volunteer :)
[21:48] [Chance] Thanks Harlan, Fred
[21:48] [Carole] I meant to send an email, Nancy. I'd help if you'd have me. :)
[21:48] [FredGB] It's not just accessible web design Carole. It covers everything computer related.
[21:48] [nancy] OH MY GOD, YES! :)
[21:49] [nancy] not that i'm desperate or anything... :)
[21:49] [Yvonne] heheheh
[21:49] [Carole] True, Fred. But I thought everyone here wanted to add a piece of the explanation. :)
[21:50] [Carole] LOL, Nancy. Tell me what I can do to help.
[21:50] [FredGB] I know the feeling nancy. At one time I was not only Logo Team Manager, but the entire Logo Team. :-)
[21:50] [Carole] Well, Fred, its great. You and you team did a great job!!!
[21:51] [nancy] i would do all the FAQ's ... if i actually KNEW all the information to put in them.
[21:51] [Don] Nancy - drop me a line later at - let me know what kind of help is needed at FAQ
[21:51] [nancy]
[21:51] [nancy] if that URL doesn't work... tell me... i just did it from memory
[21:52] [Chance] Sorry, Nancy, it didn't
[21:52] [Don] doesn't work :(
[21:52] [nancy] *grumbles* hold on ... (par for the course tonight) :)
[21:52] [FredGB] Got to and follow the link from there maybe?
[21:52] [Carole] Got me to the search page. :)
[21:53] [nancy]
[21:53] [Yvonne] yeah..the FAQ info is linked on that page too Fred
[21:53] [nancy] yeah that would work too :)
[21:53] [Don] That did it!
[21:54] [nancy] all of those FAQs need help ... ESPECIALLY the ones that are links
[21:54] [nancy] hey fred, thanks for the meeting :)
[21:55] [Carole] Okayyyy, Nancy has a team now. Awsome. :)
[21:55] [FredGB] You're Welcome Nancy.
[21:55] [FredGB] She finally has someone to boss around. :-)
[21:56] [nancy] *laughs* i can dream
[21:56] [Don] Whoa! I'm still reading
[21:56] [Carole] Good, Fred. It helps, you know.
[21:57] [FredGB] I know Carole. I don't have anybody anymore. :-(
[21:57] [nancy] the blank template has a little error on it cause i can't connect to the ftp site to upload to correct file
[21:57] [Carole] Hey, not to change the subject, but how are developments for the more advanced classes progressing? And are we getting new instructors lined up to help cover the wealth of students?
[21:58] [FredGB] Advanced classes are coming, when exactly I can't say.
[21:59] [Carole] Great. I read an article on online classes and sent email to the author. She didn't have HWG included in her list, but she added it and will be writing something, soon, I think. :)
[22:00] [FredGB] Great!
[22:00] [Carole] Hey free advertising, you know. :)
[22:00] [FredGB] Exactly.
[22:01] [Don] BRB
[22:01] [Carole] BTW anybody know anyone interested in buying a domain name. I know I shouldn't bring this up here, but I have had an offer, so now I'm thinking about it.
[22:02] [Craig] had an offer?
[22:02] [Craig] o, u selling one?
[22:02] [Don] Back
[22:02] [Carole] Yes, never wanted to sell before, but I need the bucks, so when it came along I though maybe I should consider it.
[22:03] [Craig] whats the name?
[22:03] [Carole]
[22:03] [Craig] wow
[22:03] [Craig] cool
[22:03] [Don] Early catch?
[22:03] [Craig] no kidding
[22:03] [Craig] how much were you offered?
[22:04] [Carole] I've always responded with, if you have 6 figures our more we can discuss it, cause I'd never planned to sell it.
[22:04] * Craig will not be able to touch the offer probably
[22:04] [Carole] Opening bid 30K
[22:04] [Craig] nope, cant touch ;)
[22:04] [nancy] well DAMM. congrats :)
[22:04] [Carole] Very early catch... FREE in 95
[22:04] [Don] dang!!!!!!!!1
[22:04] [Harlan] good job
[22:05] [nancy] i thought i was making out good with my stock options from :)
[22:05] [Carole] Yeah, If uncle will leave some for me :)
[22:05] [Craig] heh
[22:06] [Carole] Maybe I can buy my software with some of it. It's only 17K
[22:07] [Craig] what software?
[22:08] [Carole] Design software for patterns, draping, costing, inventory etc for fashion.
[22:08] [nancy] expensive software
[22:08] [Craig] wow, ok
[22:08] [Yvonne] well..I"m out of here...have a good night all :)
[22:08] [Craig] hey, keep that domain then!
[22:08] [Carole] Amen to that. Cheapest I could find though.
[22:08] *** Yvonne has left #townhall (Yvonne.)
[22:08] [nancy] bye yvonne
[22:08] [Craig] sounds like u can use it
[22:08] [Carole] Bye Yvonne,
[22:08] *** achoate has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[22:09] [Carole] Yeah, that's why I got it, but raising money to get the business off the ground is tough.
[22:09] [Craig] true
[22:10] [Carole] So unless I can find some venture capital, my best resource is the domain. Sure hate to let it go, though.
[22:10] [nancy] do you have a decent backup name for it?
[22:10] *** achoate has joined #townhall
[22:11] [Harlan] I'll sell you one :)
[22:11] [Carole] I have a couple. One is, the other is my company name, not very exciting, Carole Anne Designs
[22:11] [Carole] Such as, Harlan?
[22:13] [Carole] The nice thing about welovedesign is that all 3 are available, so thought I'd take it.
[22:13] [Carole] Hello Harlan? Are you serious?
[22:13] [nancy] maybe hold out for a little bit and see if you can get more money for it :)
[22:13] [nancy] welovedesign is a good one too... so at least you would have that
[22:13] [Carole] I countered with 100K. Waiting for his reply.
[22:14] [Carole] Yeah, I was surprised to find it available.
[22:14] [FredGB] Somebody in HWG pointed out one time that companies with a made up name were more attractive to consumers than using your own name.
[22:15] [Harlan] its trend powered
[22:15] [Carole] True, that's why I love It isn't limiting and really wanted to get other designers on the site.
[22:15] [FredGB] It seems people think companies using a person's name are very small, and likely not too capable.
[22:15] [Carole] No banner ads, etc. Just incredible designs from all areas.
[22:16] [nancy] and then the problem is coming up with a good name
[22:16] [Carole] True, Fred, but in fashion, your name IS everything.
[22:16] [Chance] Unfortunately, is taken, but isn't. I think, in fashion circles, your own name isn't bad (e.g. KalvinKlien, HugoBoss, etc.)
[22:16] [Don] Not neccesarily - I'm still gettin' hits on a parked url with my name "don" in it a year after closing it.
[22:17] [Carole] Yes, Chance. I checked it, cad-designs, which does have .net and .org available, though.
[22:19] [Carole] Right now I have my husband's software design company, my company, a company called KATS British Car Service, my high school Alum page and another web design company, none of which generate any $$ for me. :)
[22:19] [Carole] But they are great.
[22:19] [Chance] CaroleAnne and Carole-Anne are also both available. If your offer is high enough, may be worth selling it and getting that software (then I can hire your for custom patterns :-)
[22:20] [Carole] You could hire me anyway. This is for major mass production work. I do patterns manually right now.
[22:20] [Heath] CaroleAnne/Carole-Anne has a good ring to it
[22:21] [Heath] I work for am apparel industry software co. $17K is a good price.
[22:21] [Carole] Thanks. I have a site that I share with a fabric company that is building my reputation right now, and I love it. It's Carole's Corner and Ask Carole at
[22:21] [Heath] Cute!
[22:22] [Carole] Which one, Heath
[22:22] [Heath] Carole's Corner
[22:23] [Carole] Oh, thank you. Starting Feb. 1 There will be a new section (Projects) for a new project a month plus holiday's.
[22:23] [Carole] But Which company do you work for?
[22:23] [Heath] Garpac
[22:24] *** achoate has left #townhall (achoate.)
[22:24] [Heath] No CAD stuff or pattern-making. Used to do that myself long ago.
[22:24] [Carole] Ah. Do you have this type of software? I was talking to Gerber Technologies and Lectra Systems.
[22:25] [Carole] Gerber will sell the software without a machine, so the price is more reasonable.
[22:25] [nancy] ok, it's past my bedtime. night all! thanks for the volunteer offers!
[22:25] [FredGB] Night Nancy.
[22:25] *** nancy has left #townhall (nancy.)
[22:25] [Carole] Send an email, Nancy. Id love to help
[22:25] [Heath] We do the biz/production side of stuff
[22:25] [Don] Bye, Nancy - Don't forget to e-mail
[22:25] [Chance] Carole, was poking around your site and noticed the catalogue was off-line - FYI
[22:26] [Carole] Talk to me. I just got a digital camera and am going a bit crazy with my garment shoots right now.
[22:26] [Heath] Good luck, Carole. Night, all.
[22:26] *** Heath has left #townhall (Heath.)
[22:26] [Carole] Thanks Heath. Good Night
[22:27] [Carole] Chance, are you at
[22:27] [Don] I think I'm going to have to call it quits too, thanks for hav'n me. 'Til next time - Take Care
[22:27] [FredGB] Night Don.
[22:27] [Carole] Take it easy, don.
[22:27] *** Don has left #townhall (Don.)
[22:27] [Chance] Yes, Carole
[22:28] [Carole] Yes. The cobbler's children have no shoes. :) Now that I have a camera, it will be on soon.
[22:29] [Chance] Cool. I'll bookmark it and check back. I should go as well. Good luck, Carole. Thanks, Fred. Goodnight.
[22:29] *** Chance has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[22:30] [Harlan] bye y'all
[22:30] [Carole] Mine is the most incomplete site around. I spend my time on everybody else's and eventually will get mine up, too. Now that I have the camera it will be pretty easy to do. Motivation was minimal before.
[22:30] [Carole] Bye Harlan.
[22:30] [FredGB] Night Haelan.
[22:31] [Carole] Bye Harlan. Take care.
[22:31] [FredGB] Harlan. :-)
[22:31] [Harlan] go Free i thought I was the only one that could not spell well
[22:31] [Harlan] Free = Fred
[22:31] [Harlan] bye
[22:31] [Carole] Well, LOL
[22:31] [Harlan] :)
[22:31] *** Harlan has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[22:32] [Carole] Well, maybe we should get back to HWG stuff. This really went way out into left field. :)
[22:33] [FredGB] Well, there's only 4 people left. :-)
[22:33] [Carole] Yup, and how many are in the wee hours of the AM? It's 9:35 my time.
[22:33] [FredGB] I'm 10:35.
[22:34] [Carole] Chi time. Where do you live, Fred?
[22:34] [FredGB] Louisiana.
[22:35] [Craig] nice
[22:35] [FredGB] Cold.
[22:35] [Carole] Oh, I'm jealous. I love the shrimp and oysters down there. Yummmmmmm
[22:35] [Craig] i wish i was that far south right now ;)
[22:35] [FredGB] Oysters, yuck.
[22:35] [Craig] im sure its warmer than me now
[22:35] [Craig] shrimp is good though, heh
[22:35] [FredGB] I can eat shrimp, but not oysters.
[22:35] [Carole] It started snowing here yesterday. Ouwwww, Sorry Fred. I do love them.
[22:36] [Craig] well, i do have some homework to finish,
[22:36] [Craig] so ill see you all sometime later?
[22:36] [Carole] I never thought I could either. A Sales Rep for my customer in Houston twisted my arm. Now, I;m hooked.
[22:36] [FredGB] Next month.
[22:36] [Craig] ok
[22:36] [Carole] Craig, which class?
[22:37] [FredGB] 4th Thursday of each mnth.'
[22:37] [FredGB] mnth=month
[22:37] [Craig] um, Visual Basic :(
[22:37] [Craig] finished Network Essentials already
[22:37] [Carole] Oh, fun stuff. Cool. I used to do that for a living. :)
[22:37] [Craig] heh, im in an IT department at a Community College
[22:37] [Craig] ok
[22:38] [Carole] Networks, PC's to Main Frame that is. :) Have fun
[22:38] [FredGB] Before she got rich selling domain names. :-)
[22:38] [Craig] haha
[22:38] [Carole] I should be so lucky...:)!!!
[22:38] [Craig] bye
[22:38] [FredGB] Night
[22:38] [Carole] Bye Craig
[22:38] *** Craig has quit IRC (Leaving.)
[22:39] [FredGB] And then there were 3.
[22:40] [Carole] Well, Fred, I guess I should let you and Chris (who has been very quiet) go to bed. Take care. Sorry I missed December and November. Did anything historic happen?
[22:40] [FredGB] No. :-)
[22:40] [FredGB] Goodnight Carole.
[22:41] [Carole] Goodnite Guys. See you next meeting. :)
[22:41] *** Carole has left #townhall (Carole.)

End of meeting.

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