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Newsletter Advertising Rates


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the HTML Writers Guild's email newsletter, HWG-News! The newsletter is sent twice a month to all Guild members, and contains news and information about the Guild's services and benefits for our membership. We are pleased to make available advertising space for list sponsors; up to three text sponsor ads can be placed in each mailing.

Sponsoring the HWG-Newsletter presents your message to (currently) over 123,000 web designers in more than 150 countries around the world, and is an ideal forum for advertising your web-related product or service. If you would like to reserve your ad space now, please email site contacts and we will get the necessary paperwork to you as soon as possible.

If your company is interested in advertising, please contact IWA for details: Corporate Sponsorship


Current rates:

These rates are effective for all advertising space purchased after August 30, 2001.

Newsletter Sponsorship Per 1000 subscribers
* Top (First) Ad$90 (10 lines of text)
* Second (Middle) Ad$48 (8 lines of text)
* Third (Bottom) Ad$12/line (up to 6 lines of text)
Additional lines of text may be added to your ad at a rate of $800 per line, to a maximum of 6 lines total.

Advertisement Size:

Each advertisement is a block of (plain) text, 70 characters wide, and contains one line for the company name, one line for a URL, and from 1 to 10 lines of ad text (depending on the ad purchased). Additional lines of ad text may be purchased, but the total body of the ad (not including company name and URL) shall not exceed 6 lines of text. The exact format is available here (TXT file).

Guild Corporate Member15%
Three or more newsletter insertions10%
Twelve or more newsletter insertions15%
July & August 2001additional 15%

Publication Schedule:

Early May 200111 May 2001
Late May 200125 May 2001
Early June 200115 June 2001
Late June 200129 June 2001
Early July 200113 July 2001
Late July 200127 July 2001
Early August 200110 August2001
Late August 200124 August 2001
Early September 20017 September 2001
Late September 200121 September 2001
Early October 200112 October 2001
Late October 200126 October 2001
Early November 20019 November 2001
Late November 200123 November 2001
Early December 20017 December 2001
Late December 200121 December 2001

Projected Membership Counts:

The Guild's membership continues to grow at a rate of approximately 900 members per month. In the case of purchasing large blocks of ads, that will be used to estimate the number of subscribers later in the year.

Advertising Policies:

The HWG will only accept advertisements from companies directly related to the Guild's purpose of serving the web authoring community. This includes the following types of companies:

  • Browser software
  • Web authoring software
  • Computer/networking hardware
  • Web hosting services
  • Web support services (graphic design, programming, credit card processing, writing/editing services, etc.)
  • Internet service providers
  • Web sites directly supportive of the Guild's mission

The Guild reserves the right to reject advertisers who offer products or services that directly compete with those offered by the HTML Writers Guild.

All ad copy must be approved by the Guild's Vice President of Marketing and Outreach.

Content for ads should keep in mind the international nature of the Guild, although ads specific to certain geographical areas may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Schedule and Payment Terms:

Ad copy for a given newsletter must be received at least a week before the publication date. Advertising fees must be received 10 days prior to the date of publication.

Sample Back Issues:

Previous HWG-News newsletters are available via the web at:

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