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HTML Writers Guild Supports Web Standards Project

August 10, 1998 1:00 PM PDT
Carmel Valley, CA
Contact: Kynn Bartlett, VP Marketing
(909) 607-77771, site contacts
Ann Navarro, VP Finance
(831) 659-8311, site contacts

Web designers shouldn't have to waste 20% of their time just because the browser makers can't follow standards. That's the message the HTML Writers Guild, the world's largest organization of web authors, is sending to Microsoft, Netscape, and other software publishers by supporting the Web Standards Project.

The Web Standards Project is a collective effort by leading web designers and concerned end users dedicated to halting the fragmentation of the web by persuading browser makers to conform to the established web standards.

"All members of the HWG can benefit from the efforts of the Web Standards Project," said Ann Navarro, HWG Vice President of Finance and a founding member of the WSP. "Web developers and students of HTML spend quite a bit of time learning the quirks of each browser, and which features of established standards are or are not supported. That time, effort, and expense could be better used learning new skills, enhancing current projects, or creating new content."

"Support for web standards is long, long overdue," said Joe Cline, HWG President. "The WSP's goals mesh well with the mission of the Guild: providing education on the current state of affairs on the Web, and encouraging compliance with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)."

The Guild is a strong supporter of the W3C's standards, recently mandating the use of HTML 4.0 and CSS2 on the HWG website, and encouraging standards compliance by Guild members. In addition, the Guild is a strong proponent of universal accessibility in web design.

Browsers play a critical role in authoring accessible pages, according to the results of the Guild's recently concluded Accessibility Guidelines Implementation (AGI) project.

"We had more than fifty web designers exploring the issue of designing with accessibility for disabled users," said Kynn Bartlett, HWG Vice President of Marketing and Outreach, and AGI project coordinator. "They identified 'better accessibility support in browsers' as the biggest single factor that could lead to better usability for everyone. The browser companies need to get on the ball and support the accessibility features in HTML 4.0 and CSS2."

The HTML Writers Guild plans to educate and inform their members about the Web Standards Project, and how they can get involved with the WSP's efforts.

"The Guild's membership in the W3C gives the average web author representation in the standards creation process; our involvement in the WSP encourages our members to help with the next step: Compliance with those standards," explained Charlotte Crothers, HWG Vice President of Member Education.


About the HWG:
The HTML Writers Guild represents a membership of over 70,000 web designers in 130 nations, and is an active participant in the World Wide Web Consortium, the international organization that sets the standards for the web. HWG projects include mailing lists for members, online classes, and extensive web development resources. The Guild's website is

About the Web Standards Project:
The WSP's primary objective is to advance the Web development industry, by bringing attention to the existing and potential problems involved with browser incapatibility. The coalition urges browser manufactures to use open standards and support existing W3C standards. The WSP's website is

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