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HWG in the News

The following stories have been written about the HTML Writers Guild, our officers and staff:

THE BATON ROUGE ADVOCATE: Amateur Astronaut Soars on the Internet

[HWG Board Member] Fred Barnett of Sorrento is an amateur astronomer who uses computers and the Internet to pursue his interests. Barnett, 36, is a board member of an international Web designers guild and designs two web sites. [11 April 1999]

INTERNET WORLD: How Professional Web Groups Can Put Careers Into High Gear

Virtual relationships are the focus of the HTML Writers' Guild. [...] [8 June 1998]

YAHOO HEADLINES: Independent Web Guild joins influential Web body

The HTML Writers Guild, an organization representing the interests of some 50,000 independent Web designers, Monday joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a group working on improving the way the Internet works. [25 February 1998]

FOX NEWS: High Tech Hemingways

There's now a place at the table for the HTML Writers Guild. There had better be after the guild paid $5,000 for membership in the World Wide Web Consortium.

[25 February 1998]

WIRED NEWS: HTML Writers Guild joins W3C

For the first time, independent Web designers will have a voice in the future direction of Web technologies that they would work with every day. [24 February 1998]

NEWS.COM: Short Take: HTML Guild Joins W3C

The 50,000-member HTML Writers Guild has joined the World Wide Web Consortium. [23 February 1998]

NETGUIDE: Ann Navarro: Author and WebGeek Founder

The Guild's treasurer answers questions about web design. [11 February 1998]

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