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Press Releases

The Guild has issued the following press releases since the virtual Press Room was created:

HTML Writers Guild HTML Writers Guild Opens Web Accessibility Center

The HTML Writers Guild is pleased to announce the opening today of the Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education (AWARE) Center, an online resource for web designers who want to make web sites that can be used by everyone. [15 April 1999]

HTML Writers Guild Supports Web Standards Project

Web designers shouldn't have to waste 20% of their time just because the browser makers can't follow standards. That's the message the HTML Writers Guild, the world's largest organization of web authors, is sending to Microsoft, Netscape, and other software publishers by supporting the Web Standards Project. [10 August 1998]

HTML Writers Guild Joins World Wide Web Consortium

Representing over 50,000 members worldwide, the HTML Writers Guild is helping shape the future of the Internet as the first association of web authors to join the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). [23 February 1998]

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