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How to write or maintain a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

The Guild encourages members to take an active role by volunteering. One important project is developing and maintaining the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions, with answers). We have a list of current FAQ topic openings that changes often. If you are interested in joining the FAQ team or if you have a proposal for a new FAQ, send mail to the FAQ coordinator:

A blank FAQ template is available for new FAQ writers. You must follow this format to ensure consistency at our site. The FAQ template is a modification of the Web Page Template for all web pages used on the HTML Writers Guild's website. Further information about the Web Page Templates are available and should be read before completing your first FAQ web page. Thanks!

The current FAQ list can be viewed at:


  1. Keeping yourself up-to-date. You should have at least a good basic knowledge of the subject area of your FAQ and should be regularly following news and investigating further information. If the FAQ is for a particular list, you should be subscribed to the list and should at least keep reading all the subject lines so you can see when faqs occur.
  2. Keeping the FAQ up-to-date. This means adding new information as it becomes available, answering questions regarding your area (when sent to you), correcting errata, and changing the FAQ to conform with HWG specifications when necessary. This includes checking your links to outside (ie. non-HWG-pages) pages on a regular basis (bimonthly at least) and validating your page against the currently used standard (4.0 right now) with the W3C's HTML Validation Service or KGV or something similarly through.
  3. Keeping the FAQ coordinator up-to-date. I need to know how you're doing on a monthly basis. If there's been no updates, that's fine, but I need an email letting me know that. If you've updated, I need to know that too. I also would like to know if you have any comments/suggestions/etc. and when you need a break or are taking vacation.
  4. Keeping the group up to date. If you discover a fabulous new way to deal with FAQs, are going on vacation, want to share triumphs or tribulations, the FAQ Team mailing list is where to do it. You must be subscribed to this list as a FAQ Team member.

Current Openings

If you are interested in writing or maintaining any of these FAQs (or have a suggestion for a new one), please e-mail the FAQ Coordinator at Thanks!

NOTE: If the FAQ title name links to a page, then the FAQ has already been started and you would just be responsible for updating and maintaining it.

Website Security
Email Filtering FAQ
This FAQ is written to assist HWG members with filtering the email they receive from the various HWG Mailing Lists.
.shtml/.html/.htm File Extensions FYI
Mailing List FAQs
We need people who are subscribed to the following mailing lists to collect faqs and write/maintain the list-FAQ:

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