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HTML Writers Guild Member Newsletter
February 1998

Volume 4 Number 2


  1. Have You Been Published?
  2. Mentor/Apprentice Program
  3. Online Classes
  4. Revisions to the Guild's Mailing List Policy
  5. Revisions to List Offerings and Charters
  6. Message from the Treasurer
  7. Governing Board Election Update
  8. Volunteer(s) Wanted


The Guild will soon be implementing several programs and resources that will make use of written materials. We realize that our members are often the best source of quality information and talent, so we ask: Have you been published?

If you've written, co-written, or tech edited web or internet related materials: books, magazine articles, zine submissions, etc, we'd like to hear about it!

Please respond to site contacts with a list of your published materials that are still publicly available (books still in print, magazine articles published in the last 3 years, or electronic documents still available on line). Include the work's title, publisher, ISBN number (books), issue of publication (magazines), and a short description of the work and your involvement.

Help us highlight your talents!

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The Mentor/Apprentice Program is now fully operational, with 128 apprentices and 62 mentors. Applications for apprenticeship are coming in at a rate of five or six per day.The program is in great need of mentors, particularly in the areas of Java, SGML, and CGI.

If you would like to apply for the program, either as mentor or apprentice, information is available at: Mentor/Apprentice Program Mentors must have been a member for at least six months and apprentices must be either value or plus members.

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The Online Classes Program is very close to becoming a reality. If you are interested in volunteering to help, if you have suggestions for classes you would like to take, or would just like more information, send email to site contacts.

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As of February 4, the Guild's Mailing List Policy, the rules that govern participation on the list, have been revised. Most of the changes were made to allowed greater freedom in sharing information on our lists. The main page is at HWG Mailing List

The Netiquette Guidelines are at Netiquette Guidelines

The Actionable Rules, the most changed of the pages, is found at Mailing List Actionable Rules

Please re-familiarize yourself with these new Guidelines and Rules; the changes are to your advantage.

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As of February 1, 1998, The Mailing List Program will offer both broad charter, general topic and narrow charter, special topic lists. These lists are subdivided as follows:

General Discussion
  • HWG-Basics
  • HWG-Techniques
Targeted Discussion
  • HWG-Business
  • HWG-Critique
  • HWG-Graphics
  • HWG-Languages
  • HWG-Multimedia
  • HWG-Servers
  • HWG-Software
  • HWG-Standards
  • HWG-Theory

General Discussion Lists

HWG-basics and HWG-techniques are general discussion lists where all areas of website creation may be discussed. HWG-basics is intended for users at the beginning to intermediate knowledge/skill level and and should be used for questions reflecting that level of knowledge or technical difficulty. HWG-techniques is intended for users at the intermediate to advanced level and should be used for questions that reflect this level of knowledge and technical difficulty.

These lists are intended for users who do not wish to subscribe to multiple lists to be able to ask questions regarding their current concerns. There are only two items totally outside the charters of these lists, i.e., site critiques and questions/problems that belong on hwg-ops.


This list is targeted towards those of you who are just getting started with HTML authoring. Its charter includes beginning to intermediate discussion of all areas of website design and creation, so feel free to write about anything reasonably related to HTML authoring - there's no such thing as a stupid question here!

HWG-Techniques: (new list)

This list is targeted toward those of you who are of intermediate to advanced skill level. Its charter incorporates the issues of both "how to do it" and "why/when to do it" as they relate to website design and creation.

Special Topic Lists

The following special topic lists are intended for users of all skill levels. However, list subscribers are expected to know and adhere to the charters of the individual lists.


This list is used by the HTML Writers Guild to discuss matters related to the business/financial/marketing aspects of running an HTML shop.


This list is to be used by HTML Writers Guild members to ask for and give critiques on fellow members pages.


This list is used by the HTML Writers Guild to discuss the creation and usage of graphics on the web. Its charter includes all forms of graphic creation techniques, graphic display and design issues, and hardware and software used in graphic creation.

HWG-Languages (new list)

This list is intended for the discussion of Java, Javascript, VBScript, Perlscript, ActiveX, Perl, and other web related programming and scripting languages and related issues.

HWG-Multimedia (new list)

This list is intended for the discussion of the implementation of multimedia features in website design and creation. It's charter includes the discussion of implementation techniques, the issue of use, and the software involved in the inclusion of audio, video, and VRML and other related technologies.


This list is to be used by HTML Writers Guild to discuss matters related to administrating and operating a World Wide Web server, including CGI and server-side programming, HTTPD configuration, and other server issues.

HWG-Software (replaces Webapps)

This list is used by the HTML Writers Guild to discuss features of the tools we use in relation to the web. This is NOT a place to start program bashing, which will not be tolerated.

HWG-Standards (new list)

This list is used by the HTML Writers Guild to discuss specific issues of the HTML and XML languages, current and evolving standards. This includes HTML tags, validation, style sheets and frames, as well as related standards including HTTP, SGML, and URLs. Discussions of proper usage, robust coding practices, and what the standards mean (and don't mean) are all appropriate topics for this list.

This list does NOT address basic HTML questions, scripting languages (such as JavaScript, PerlScript, VBScript), or technologies (such as Java, ActiveX, CGI, SSI, or ASP) which are served by other Guild lists.


This list is used by the HTML Writers Guild to discuss the theories behind web development. It's charter includes the issues of why/why not and when website components are used. Questions pertaining to how things are accomplished are not appropriate.

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In order to help our staff expedite the processing of your applications, members should be sure to remember the following guidelines.

  1. Always include a printed copy of your application. This becomes the basis of your membership record in our files, so it's an important piece of paper!
  2. Please, never send cash through the mail. We accept personal checks, money orders drawn on U.S. banks in U.S. dollars, or Visa/Mastercard.
  3. If your business or employer is paying for your membership, please be sure to instruct the accounting staff to enclose your application with the payment and reference your name and email address on the voucher portion of the check. We need to be able to match you to the payment!
  4. When faxing your application and credit card information, please be sure to print your credit card number and expiration date in large block numerals. Fax copies by their nature are harder to read than the originals, so clear writing is important!

We strive to process all applications within one week. When your application is processed, you will receive an automated message generated by our database update. Be sure to save it for future reference!

Ann Navarro, Treasurer

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Proxies are now being registered on the HWG's election website for the three open Governing Board positions. All plus members can register their own proxy for up to three candidates. Proxies will be collected until February 12 and the results will be announced at the February 19 Membership Meeting on the HWG's IRC channel. Plus members, be sure and use this chance to have your voice heard!

The Election website is at HWG Election Website

Information about the HWG's IRC channel is available at #HWG IRC Channel

The candidate list (as of 2/5/98) is:
  1. Frederick J. Barnett
  2. Tarik Dozier
  3. Susan Duncan
  4. Peter Knaggs
  5. Demitrius Lopez
  6. Jimmie McWhirt
  7. Johnny Mo
  8. Gerald Oskoboiny
  9. Tanya Spain
  10. Richard Tuttle

Any questions about the proxy gathering should be directed to the Nominations Committee at

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Position: Grant Researcher
(Contact: site contacts)

The Guild is looking for a volunteer to fill the position of "Grant Researcher." This individual will report to the Treasurer (currently myself).

  • Job duties will include:
  • Conduct research to find grant opportunities that the Guild would be eligible for as a 501(c)3 organization from private and public sources. Assist the Treasurer in completing the required application materials for those grants.
  • Follow up and interface with granting entities as requested by the Treasurer/GB.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Qualifications:
  • An ideal candidate would have experience in grant application writing in a non-profit setting.
  • Other qualifying (desired) skills:
    • Familiarity with the financial restrictions placed on 501(c)3 corporations.
    • Knowledge of corporate accounting practices, including budgets and tax issues
    • Experience with written business correspondence
    • Experience in dealing with upper management/CEO level staff of major corporations/foundations
  • Required skills:
    • Ability to conduct research on and offline.
    • Ability to create business correspondence in a grammatically acceptable manner (including spelling issues).
    • Be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement covering your activities and contacts made on behalf of the Guild.
    • Be responsive to email queries from the Treasurer or GB in a timely manner
    • Be able to give 5-10 hours to the Guild on a weekly basis, with occasional instances of additional time.
  • Desirable, but in no way disqualifying:
    • Be able to make/accept telephone calls during business hours
    • Be able to undertake occasional travel for interviews/presentations (with sufficient warning and reimbursement).

Interested parties should forward a letter of interest and a resume (text in email please, no attachments), to site contacts

Position: Database Administration Support
(Contact: site contacts)

The database administration group is seeking a volunteer to help members with common database related problems. No programming or database experience required! This is a support position, and involves responding to member inquiries for: ID lookups, password resets, help with resignations, e-mail address and/or URL changes, or answering occasional Guild related questions. Web-based tools will be provided to perform most of these functions.

The position will require approximately 10 hours per week, with alternate weeks on and off duty. Ideally, you will be able to read and respond to questions several times throughout the day, to keep turnaround times short. I am seeking an individual with a pleasant (e-mail) persona who can interact with members in a responsive and responsible manner.

Interested persons should contact site contacts for further details.

Position: List Guides
(Contact: Recruiting Committee,

DESCRIPTION: This job entails reading the assigned mailing list, participating as a list member, keeping an eye out for netiquette and rule violations, and assisting on the list and in private wherever possible. This job is worked in shifts, averaging 2 "shifts" per week, so connection to the net 2 days per week is a must. This position will require approximately 7-10 hours per week, and will require undergoing a short training period. In addition to having experience in the area of your list choice, applicants should be flame-resistant and have good judgment and understanding of the netiquette guidelines. Note that a suspension from the lists in the last 3 months disqualifies you from this position. A good history of helpful posts to the lists is a plus.

An introduction to the program and what we do can be found at List Guide Information

Information for applying (information required by the recruiting committee, items considered in evaluating applications, etc.) can be found at List Guide Application

The following is a list of positions currently open in the List Guide Program.

General Discussion Lists
  • hwg-basics - 0 open slots
  • hwg-techniques - 3 open slots
Topic Specific Lists
  • hwg-business - 2 open slot
  • hwg-critique - 1 open slot
  • hwg-graphics - 1 open slots
  • hwg-languages - 1 open slots
  • hwg-multimedia - 4 open slot
  • hwg-servers - 2 open slots
  • hwg-software - 2 open slots
  • hwg-standards - 3 open slot
  • hwg-theory - 4 open slot
Position: List Owner
(Contact: Aaron Choate, site contacts)

DESCRIPTION: This job entails reading the list-owner email for the assigned mailing list, removing problem email addresses, and helping members subscribe and remove themselves from hwg lists. This position will require approximately 7-10 hours per week (actual time commitment will vary with the number of addresses subscribed to the list and the mail load for that list), and will include training in basic majordomo list maintenance if necessary. This position requires that you check your email daily and for the more active lists will require that you can handle large amounts of email. Experience with filters and internet email is suggested.

The following is a list of positions currently open in the List Owner Program.

  • hwg-business
  • hwg-critique
  • hwg-graphics
  • hwg-servers
  • hwg-software
  • hwg-standards
  • hwg-techniques
  • hwg-theory

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