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I. HWG at WWW6 in Santa Clara - 4/7/96
1. Conference Information/Presentations - 4/7/97
2. 1st Face to Face Membership Meeting - Stanford U. 4/7/97!

II. HWG Membership Benefits Update
1. Announcement: Mentor/Apprentice Program Relaunch
2. Request for Proposal (RFP) Program - Help Wanted
3. HWG Paid Membership Levels: How to Join/Upgrade your Membership!

III. Other Guild News
1. Mailing List Hosts Needed - Can you help?
2. List Guides Needed
3. Mailing List Program: Promotions and Congratulations!

IV. Administrative Issues
 - Why did I get this mail?
 - How do I unsubscribe?
 - Comments? 

I. HWG at WWW6 in Santa Clara - 4/7/96

1. Conference Information/Presentations - 4/7/97

The HTML Writers Guild has been invited to be a part of
The 6th International WWW Conference to be held April 7-12, 1997
at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.
The theme of this year's conference is "Everyone, Everything,
Connected". For more information on the Guild's program at WWW6,
please visit:

2. 1st Face to Face Membership Meeting - Stanford U. 4/7/97!

You are invited to attend HWG's first Membership Meeting for Bay Area
Guild members and conference attendees on 7 April, 1997. The meeting
will be from 8 until 10 pm in Room B03 of the Gates Info Sciences
Building at Stanford University. For additional information,
directions, and a map, please visit:

II. HWG Membership Benefits Update
1. Announcement: Mentor/Apprentice Program Relaunch

The Mentor/Apprentice program is being relaunched as one of the new
benefits available for our Value and Plus Members. Details on the new
program are available on the HWG web site:

Existing mentor/apprenticeship relationships are encouraged to continue
- however, new applications from prospective apprentices and mentors
will be dealt with through an enhanced process. The current
Mentor/Apprentice management team feel that the new program will be
an important "value-added" benefit for our members.

2. Request for Proposal (RFP) Program - Help Wanted

The Request for Proposal (RFP) Area is looking for volunteers.
Development is just begining, but once completed, will provide one of
the more valuable HWG services available for HWG Plus Members.

HWG members will be able to post RFPs for other Plus Level members to
review. Plus Members may view the RFPs through a web interface, and/or
by subscribing to an RFP announcement mailing list.

For more details, visit:

We need volunteers with diverse skills from web page layout through
scripting and training of new members.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please
contact the RFP Manager: Matthew Wickline <>

3. HWG Paid Membership Classes: How to Join/Upgrade your Membership!

The Guild has several Membership Levels to accommodate diverse needs.

For more information: 

Individual Membership (Basic, Value, and Plus)

Business/Corporate Membership (Business, Corporate, and Sponsor)

To upgrade your membership from Basic (the "free" membership) to either
Value ($20 US$) or Plus ($35 US$) please visit:

Note: the membership upgrade feature is not yet available. Please
visit the above URL later this month if you wish to upgrade your

III. Other Guild News
1. Mailing List Hosts Needed - Can you help?

The HWG needs homes for several new lists, including hwg-webapps,
hwg-theory, hwg-graphics, and hwg-critique ASAP.

Requirements are as follows:

 - reliable, constant Internet connection, preferably T1 or
   faster.  56K is probably the slowest that will be able to
   reliably handle the volume of incoming/outgoing mail without
   local users experiencing any significant delays.

 - a reliable machine capable of running Majordomo, preferably
   version 1.94.1 or newer.  Generally this means a reasonably
   well configured UNIX box.  You may be able to  get away with
   slightly less machine if you are/have an experienced system
   administrator willing to put a significant amount of time
   into administration.

 - long term willingness to host this list (a year or longer).  No
   sense in setting it up and having to find another owner right away.

Also, if you are virtually hosted, please let us know. This may present
some additional difficulties that need to be discussed with the List
Owner Manager.

Serious inquiries only please.

Please respond directly to Mike Ledoux, HWG List Owner Manager,

2. List Guides Needed 

The List Guide Team needs about 20 more LGs due to the upcoming new
mailing lists and open spots on current lists. Candidates should:

1) Understand the Netiquette Guide fairly well
2) Know their way around HWG site (including how to use the archives)
3) Be flame resistant
4) Be willing to commit about 7 hours per week for their service
5) Have a stable email address
6) Be willing to help members

It is nice for prospective LGs to have:
a) Good knowledge about the subject of the list you apply for
b) Experience using HWG lists without (recent) violations
c) Been an HWG member for at least one month

If you would like to volunteer or learn more about this volunteer
position, please contact the List Guide Manager at <>.
Be sure to include the list you wish to volunteer, skills you have that
may be helpful in your duty, and any other information you think we
should know.


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