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July 1997

Volume 3 Number 3


Welcome back!

On June 13th, we quietly passed by our official one-year birthday as a non-profit corporation in the state of Georgia (U.S.). Looking back, I can see that we've accomplished a number of things we set out to do a year ago, and still have many more yet to be done. The celebration was very quiet, almost a whisper. We've been very busy doing things and haven't had much of a chance to stand back and look over the fruit of our labors. That is also the reason that many of you will be seeing a News post for the first time, or the first in a very long time.

In the last year we've expanded our discussion mail lists, augmented the Web-based resources available to the members and the public, grown by over 300 percent in membership size, and started concentrating on effectively augmenting our educational services beyond the discussion mail lists and Web site.

What we haven't accomplished is what the incorporation process was intended to make possible -- pulling in people who can be full-time dedicated staff to support the membership and provide quality, dedicated service. It's amazing to me the amount of time, effort, and resources everyone from the managers all the way down through the Basic member who provides an answer to another member's problem is willing to donate to the Guild. It's gratifying to work with such generous people. We are, however, asking for more than a reasonable amount of time from way too many volunteers. The changes in the top staff and Governing Board of the Guild reflect that demand.

In an attempt to deal with that, we've reorganized some of the managerial structure to spread the effort out across more people, and we've added new people to run new services. We're working even harder to provide better services, and to move from being an informal user's group to an educational organization that addresses the learning needs of all its members.

You'll be hearing a lot more through the Newsletter list over the next few weeks. We've a lot of things in store for the members -- we'd like to make sure that you know about them.

-- Rox


Add a Plus Membership in the HTML Writers Guild to your list of professional memberships. Join today. Support the Guild and share the excitement of the new programs being developed for Plus Members! (


(For more information, go to


The GB is in the process of considering individuals who are qualified to fill vacant Governing Board positions.

The GB is a group of volunteers who work hard, have vision, realize goals, and gain knowledge. Become part of the team -- submit your "cover e-mail" and resume (ASCII in e-mail or URL for web-based. No attachments, please) to (Ann Navarro).

Qualifications for the position are:
  1. Required:
    • Completion of 1-year membership in the Guild
    • Currently a Plus Member
    • A minimum of 3 months' experience with one or more of the following:
      • Guild operations
      • hwg-ops discussions
      • Full Internet medium usage (e-mail, Web sites, IRC, Usenet, and/or Web boards)
    • A minimum of 10 hours per week to dedicate to Guild business
    • Willingness to commit to making decisions and participating in the decision-making process.
    • Experience in Web technology as a hobbyist, student, or professional.
  2. Higher than Desirable, but lower than Required:
    • NPO experience
  3. Desirable:
    • Education policies (Mentor/Apprentice, online classes)
    • Marketing/PR -- press releases, graphics, word-smithing
    • Election/Nomination selection criteria/process
    • Human Resource experience
The Process is as follows:

Nominations are being accepted until 31 September 2002. Please e-mail nominations to the Secretary, Ann Navarro. Self-nominations are accepted. We are currently taking names in order to fill two vacant seats as well as for elections that are to be held prior to the end of the year.

Make things happen -- Get on board with the Governing Board!


  • The position of Executive Director was created and John Miller was voted in as the Guild's first Executive Director. This is currently a volunteer position.
  • Mail List Manager: Mike Ledoux
  • List Owner Manager: Aaron Choate
  • List Guide Manager: Tammy Scroggs
  • VDP Team Manager: Matt Urdon
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Andrew Stevens
  • Marketing Director: Steve Cherrier
  • Newsletter Editor: Maggie Hatten

Basic, Value, or Plus -- your membership means a lot. By becoming a Value or Plus member, you'll financially help support the Guild's goal of educating writers of HTML. Learn more about membership options at


To build awareness within and beyond the Internet community of Web page authoring and related services as a skilled pursuit; to assist members in developing and enhancing their capabilities; to communicate to prospective users of Web services what they should expect from a Guild member and demand from others offering these services; and to contribute to the development of the Web and Web technical standards and guidelines.


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