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October 1997

Volume 3 Number 5


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(Note: GB stands for Governing Board)


A few tips for sending payments:

Save a stamp! Basic members do not need to send in their member applications. Only Value and Plus level members who wish to pay by check or who want to mail their credit card payments need to send the application in.

When sending in your check, please be sure to enclose your application. We've received a number of payments in the form of just a check or money order. These documents often arrive without reference to any Guild-specific identifying information, which can delay crediting of your payment to your account, which delays your access to Value and Plus services. Your application is an important document that acts as your invoice, allows tracking of your application through the membership database and through accounting.

Changes to your membership data, such as address or e-mail address changes, cannot be made through the finance department. When you receive the letter confirming receipt of your payment, you'll be provided with instructions on how to make any necessary changes to your member record.

Please, no cash through the mail!

Thank you for your continued support through your Guild membership!

--Ann Navarro
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--One benefit of being a Web-based entity is that the members may easily keep up with the operations of the Guild. By subscribing to hwg-ops, you will know what motions are being considered, what concerns the membership has, what new programs are being developed, and other Guild business as it is happening. If you'd like to keep up with the Guild and also have an opportunity to provide feedback, join hwg-ops by going to

New Management Structure

Recently, the Governing Board (GB) approved a new administrative structure for the Guild that divides up the services and projects into four management groups. Those groups are:

  • Administrative Services VP/Administrative Services -- Gerald Oskoboiny -- The behind-the-scenes tasks that keep the rest of the Guild running.
  • Member Services VP/Member Services -- Tammy Scroggs -- Projects and services open to the general membership to participate in.
  • Business Services VP/Business Services -- Steve Cherrier -- Our "public face," both to the general membership and to outside businesses and groups.
  • Educational Services VP/Educational Services -- Charlotte Crothers -- The projects in which the Guild provides content and/or training for educational purposes.

GB Annual Meeting Date Change

The GB recently amended the bylaws to read: "The annual meeting of the Board of Directors (BOD) shall be held on the last Thursday of each February, or on such other day, and in such fashion (including via electronic means) at such place as the Board of Directors shall determine."

This motion had the effect of extending the terms of all three groups of board members by approximately four (4) months. Terms currently set to expire with the BOD meeting in October 1997 will now expire in September 2002. Terms set to expire in October 1998 will now expire in September 2002. Terms set to expire in October 1999 will now expire in September 2002. Reasons: The Guild's counsel had advised moving this meeting to this time period in order to facilitate the presentation of annual reports after the close of the fiscal year, and to keep our practices in line with other Georgia (USA) corporations.

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Guild Web Site Changes

Noticed anything different about the Guild Web site? If you haven't visited the site lately, please take a few minutes to browse through the newly designed site. Many volunteers spent countless hours designing and updating the pages so that the membership could more easily find the valuable resources provided by the Guild.

Comments, questions, recommendations, and general thanks from the membership are appreciated. Each page has the contact e-mail address at the bottom. General site e-mail should be sent to the HWG webmaster.

New GB Members

Jim Barchuk has been voted to the Governing Board, filling Kathy Gill's position.

The GB has filled the two open GB seats (set to expire in February, 1999) with Joe Cline and Mike McGhan.

See the GB list, below, or find out more about Guild leadership at

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Check the HTML Writers Guild Web site regularly to keep up with the changes going on in the growing field of development, design, hosting, language, graphics, and business for the Internet.


Mentor/Apprentice Program Begins

We now have well over 100 members in the Mentor/Apprentice Program and are taking applications for the second quarter. To take advantage of this Plus member service or to earn volunteer credits by donating your experience, apply at:

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Vendor Discount Program Solicits Vendors

The VDP is an exciting opportunity for Guild members and for vendors as well. If there is a vendor that *you* would like to see included in the participating vendor listing, send e-mail with the company's name and URL (if possible) or phone number to or visit the Guild's VDP page at

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From the Mailing List Manager -- Tammy Scroggs

The Mailing List Program would like to thank the large number of Guild members who requested information on our program after the last newsletter. We were glad to see so many people interested in finding out what we are about. If you'd like to know more about our program, a new Web page was recently added to our area of the Guild Web site:

As List Guide Manager and one of two Training Supervisors for the List Guide Program, I'd also like to take a moment to announce our newest program volunteers: Patrick McElhaney, Mike Ebert, Deborah Adelman, Alexandre Brasil, Emmanuel Personne, Martin Sweitzer, Richard Komorowski, Evelyn Hunter and Judith Kallos. Welcome to the Program, guys; I look forward to working with you.

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To assist the members, the Guild has a number of resources available. We'll list a few here in each issue.

Membership Services

For links to the Guild's membership information, mailing lists, logo program, IRC channel, Vendor Discount Program, and Mentor/Apprentice Program.

Volunteer Program

The HTML Writers Guild provides services to the 50,000+ members through its volunteers. Please be an active part of this effort.

Who Are These People?

Find out who the volunteers are.

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HWG Officers

HWG Governing Board

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