This is the htmlized version of the December 1996 Newsletter.

Happy Holidays HTML Writers Guild Member! 


1. Why did I get this mail?
2. How do I unsubscribe?
4. GB Announces New Bylaws
5. GB/HWG Officers Update
6. Mailing Lists Update
7. First HWG Town Meeting 

1. Why did I get this mail?

    You received this newsletter because you are a member of the
    HTML Writers Guild. This message came from hwg-news, the Guild's
    mandatory mailing list for all members. If you need more
    information about hwg-news, please see the List Charter at:

2. How do I unsubscribe?

    Information on how to unsubscribe from this newsletter is found at
    the above url. Please remember that if you choose to unsubscribe
    from the hwg-news mailing list (this newsletter) you will be
    resigning your membership in the Guild.


    Comments on this newsletter should be sent to: .
    The HWG-News Mailing List is a "Read-Only" list - please do not
    try to reply to this list - it will bounce.

4. GB Announces New Bylaws

    The HWG Governing Board has promulgated new bylaws to comply
    with our new corporate structure. To view the new bylaws, please

5. GB/HWG Officers Update

    The Governing Board would like the membership to join them in
    welcoming their two newest members:

Kathy Gill  
Duif Calvin 

    Kathy replaces Darren Stalder  and Duif replaces
    Cindy Svec . Best wishes to Cindy and Darren in
    their future endeavours. Although Cindy has retired from the
    Governing Board, she continues in her role as Vice-President of
    the Guild.

    The current corporate officers are:

President: Bill Spurlock 
Vice-President: Cindy Svec  
Treasurer: Roxanne Reid-Bennet 
Secretary: Patrick Wiseman 

6. HWG Mailing Lists Update

    In case you haven't checked recently, the Guild has quite a few
    mailing lists that you might be interested in subscribing to.
    For additional information, please visit:

    To learn more about how to subscribe to the different Guild
    Mailing Lists. The current lists include:

hwg-basics - The basics of web creation. 

hwg-business - Marketing, contracts, ethics, sales, etc.

hwg-critique - Requests for reviews. 

hwg-design -Discussion of graphics and site design issues. 

hwg-html - Discussion of the hypertext markup language and

hwg-newtech - Discussion of the newest Web-related technologies. 

hwg-servers - Discussion of  all aspects of web servers and CGI. 

hwg-webapps - Discussion of software applications used to support Web
 Site support and development. 

7. First HWG Town Meeting 

    HWG held its first online Town Meeting on IRC on November 21,
    1996. To view the meeting transcript, you may visit:   

    This meeting, the first of many Town Meetings, was only
    publicized on hwg-ops so we could test the system. We plan to
    hold these for a wider audience in the future and will publicize
    them in future issues of the HWG Newsletter. 

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