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You are reading the HTML-ized version of the May 1996 HTML Writers Guild May 9, 1996 hwg-news post, the first mini-newsletter from HWG.


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Server Problems at
Website and Lists were down for several days.
What to do in case of future problems

Governing Board News
HWG GB votes to incorporate
New GB members
Mentor/Apprentice Program problem

OpCenter - Guild News and Information
Latest information on HWG Operations, the website, etc.

Guild Logos
No Logo Contest
Member logo undergoing revision
Use of the Guild's Membership Logo
Editing of Guild Logo is grounds for revocation of membership
All comments on logos must go to hwg-ops

HWG Mailing Lists
New list policies - be sure to read!
How to change your email address

Why did I get this Newsletter?

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Server Problems at

Last week the Guild's server ( experienced more down than uptime. We apologize for the inconvenience. Guild lists hosted at (hwg-ops, hwg-main, and hwg-main-digest) were all down during the server outage. We believe the problems have been resolved; however, should this occur again, please:

Visit the Guild's alternate US site:
We will post updates at Synet. Or you may visit one of our mirror sites, also listed at Synet.

Do not post messages asking if the lists are down.
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Please be patient.
The Guild's Website Team is very quickly aware if there are problems. We literally get dozens of mail messages everytime there is a hiccup in the system. :)

Governing Board News

HWG to Incorporate

On April 18, 1996, the HTML Writers Guild Governing Board voted to begin incorporating the Guild as a non-profit organization. The following GB members were elected to serve as officers to the new corporation:
  • Bill Spurlock, President
  • Cindy Svec Ruzich, Vice-President
  • Roxanne Reid-Bennett, Treasurer
  • Al Smith, Jr., Secretary
  • Patrick Wiseman, Of Counsel

Additional information about the incorporation can be found at:

New Governing Board Members

The GB would like to welcome the following new members to the Governing Board: Darren Stalder (, Roxanne Reid-Bennet (, and Heath Rezabeck ( The full Governing Board roster can be found at:

Mentor - Apprentice Program Problem

Recently, a Guild member notified us that after contacting an individual listed as a potential "Mentor" in the Mentor/Apprentice Program - she was told by the "Mentor" that she would be charged hourly for such support.

This was a direct violation of the Guild's Mentor / Apprentice Program. The entire point of the program is members sharing their knowledge - not selling it.

The GB would like to apologize to Marina ( and the membership for this violation. The individual previously listed as a "Mentor" has been removed from the web page.

We would also like to thank Marina for notifying us of the violation and encourage other members to contact the GB if they encounter questionable activities involving the use of the Guild's name, website, or other Guild programs.

OpCenter - Guild News and Information

OpCenter - the Guild's "News and Info Area" can be found at: This area will be updated regularly with information on such topics as:

  • Important News - GB News
  • Web Site Updates
  • List News
  • HWG Incorporation News
  • Guild Site Statistics
  • Help Wanted
  • Works in Progress
  • Credits List

If there is something that you need to know about the Guild, please check here first!

Guild Logos

No Logo Contest

There is no "Logo Contest". The Governing Board has chosen to have the Guild's Graphic Presentation done by Al Smith, Jr. as he has done since the Guild's creation.

New member logos undergoing revisions

Due to membership response, the new logos are undergoing some tweaking and revisions. Please be patient! When the new logos are ready, an announcement will be made via hwg-news and on the Guild mailing lists.

Use of the Guild's Membership Logo

The member logo is provided for the membership to use "as is". It is NOT acceptable for members to edit or change the logo in any way, shape, or form.

This is copyrighted art with very specific rights granted to those who choose to use it. If you do not like the logo, please do not use it. There is no requirement that you acknowledge your membership in the Guild in any way. The logo is provided to you to use "as a courtesy".

Editing of Guild Logo is grounds for revocation of membership

Several posts have shown up in the various mailing lists with members stating that they have edited the logo. While the offers are ones of genuine help, they are also violations of copyright law and are considered cause to have your membership in the Guild revoked. If you are not aware of the Guild's bylaws and restrictions on logo use, please read the bylaws at:

We appreciate everyone's cooperation with this.

Commenting on the new logos

The membership's input is extremely valuable, especially when it is directed to the correct place! If you would like to discuss the new Guild logos, please direct your comments to the Guild's OPerationS Mailing List. If you are not a member of the list, the directions on subscribing to the list are at: We appreciate your help in keeping list discussions on topic.

HWG Mailing Lists

Mailing List Policies Defined

The Guild's new Mailing Lists Manager, Roxanne Reid-Bennet (, has revamped the Guild's Mailing Lists Policies and presents them clearly on the Mailing Lists Policies page at: ette.html. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction
  • Participant Attitude
  • Guild Mailing Lists - a Synopsis
  • Inappropriate Topics and Netiquette
  • Guild Bylaws, Charter, and FAQs

How to Change Your Email Address for Guild Lists

If you have changed Internet providers and need to change your email address, you must first unsubscribe from your old email address and then resubscribe with your new email address. Directions on unsubscribing and subscribing to Guild Mailing Lists is available at the website. Go to: and follow the links to the list you need to change.

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