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Governing Board News
New GB Member
GB Roster
New Guild Staff Members
Additional List Guides Needed!
Guild Membership

HWG Mailing Lists
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Guild Survey
The Guild will be conducting a survey of the membership.

Guild Archives Renovation
The Archives are undergoing renovation - can you help?

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Guild FAQs
The Guild has FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) available at the website:
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Guild HTML Resources Page
HWG provides many resources for HTML questions:
List of Resources:
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Sending Email to the Guild
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Governing Board News

New GB Member

The GB would like to welcome Kynn Bartlett to the Board. Kynn replaces John Lock John has served the Guild well and we'll miss his par ticipation as a GB member. John continues to be active in other Guild programs.

GB Roster

Information about the HWG Governing Board is at:

Due to popular demand, the list of GB members is provided:

Terms expiring October 1, 1998
Bill Spurlock <> (HWG President)
Cindy Svec Ruzich <> (HWG Vice-President)
Kynn Bartlett <>
Terms expiring October 1, 1997
Patrick Wiseman <> (HWG Of Counsel)
Al Smith <> (HWG Secretary)
Gerald Oskoboiny <>
Terms expiring October 1, 1996
Roxanne Reid-Bennet <> (HWG Treasurer)
Heath Rezabek <>
Darren Stalder <>

New Guild Staff Members

It's been a very busy two months! A number of new programs have been started and members have stepped up to assist in the management of these programs. New Project Leaders include:
Guild FAQs
Matthew C. Miller - Co-Coordinator <>
HWG Survey
Linda Cole - Co-Coordinator <>
HWG Survey
Andrew Livathinos - Co-Coordinator <>
Volunteer Program
Kelly Jensen - Coordinator <>
Heath Rezabek - Manager <>
List Owners
Andy Silva -hwg-basics- <>
Kelly Jenson -hwg-volunteers- <>
Jon Madison -hwg-critique- <>
Steven L. Baur -hwg-design- <>
Tom Grassia -hwg-newtech- <>
Mike Ledoux -hwg-html- <>
Kynn Bartlett -hwg-servers- <>
Mike Burns -hwg-webapps- <>
Michael R. Dickey -hwg-business- <>
Andrew Livathinos and Linda Cole -hwg-survey- <>
List Guide Program
Brian (-Lurch-) Catlin - Manager <>

List Guides
Tammy Scroggs <>
John Miller <>
Mike Ricker <>
hwg-critique - Coming Soon!
Joe Cline <>
Kate Dodge <>
Mike Ledoux <>
Timothy Fairlie <>
Aaron Choate <>
Mike Ricker <>
hwg-newtech - Coming soon!
Steve Cherrier <>
Roxanne Reid-Bennett <>
Brian Catlin <>
Jarrod Peercy <>
Aaron Choate <>
Mike Burns <>

Additional List Guides Needed!

We are still in need of volunteers to serve as List Guides for HWG lists. The plan is to have three List Guides per list to allow all LGs needed time off. If you are willing to serve in this capacity, please contact Brian Catlin <> or Kelly Jensen <> and offer your services. Thanks!

Guild Membership

Guild Membership numbers have been increasing steadily. As of August 3, 1996, we have 19,109 members in 78 countries.

NEW! HWG Mailing Lists

HWG has created several new mailing lists. The following lists are now ready for subscribers:

For further information on the topics covered by the lists and how to subscribe, see:

Mailing List Netiquette

New mail list netiquette guidelines have been published. All posters to HWG mail lists are expected to read and comply with these rules:

****Please note that failure to comply with the netiquette guidelines can result in expulsion from one or more mail lists and/or the Guild****

Mailing List Guides

List Guides have been added to each HWG mailing list to help people determine where to post their information, answer the easier questions, gather technical discussions for the FAQ's and help maintain quality discussions by controlling the non-relevant posts.

To contact a List Guide please send email to lg-(list-name) where <list> is the name of one of the HWG mail lists (e.g.

The GB would like to thank the List Guides for volunteering their time to help HWG expand our services and improve our technical discussion environment.

Mailing List Management

The HWG Mail Lists now have a team of people managing them:

List Guide Manager
Brian primarily deals with the List Guides.
Concerns about LGs or questions: contact Brian at <>.
Mail List Manager
Roxanne primarily deals with the List Owners (the people who run the mail list management software).
Concerns about about List Owners or questions: contact Rox at <>.

Guild Survey

The hwg-survey mailing list is now active. This list is open to all members for the purpose of discussing the questions that will be included in the final survey. Please do not answer the questions at this time, and please do tell us your ideas/suggestions for improving the questions and answers to those questions. If a question is unclear, tell us.

The questions will be discussed in groups, rather than the entire survey all at once. The purpose of this is so the Co-coordinators can retain their sanity should all 19,000+ members choose to subscribe to this list. For more information, check out our we bpage at:

Guild Archives Renovation

The HWG is planning to refresh and renew the Archives, through a new Archives Management Team. This team will look through the current archives, decide whether its current organization is best, how it could be better, and then make suggestions as to what needs to be done to make it of greatest value to HWG members.

However, since the request for applicants for the Archives management Team was sent out [around August first], there have been no applications recieved. The work on the archives can't begin until there are applicants to the Archives Management Team.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this project, email saying so to AMT Project Manager Heath M Rezabek at <>.

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