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Business Resource Center (Marketing Dept)
Description: Articles from a top marketing consulting firm including:Getting Free Publicity for Your Small Business, What to Include in Your Capability Brochure, Where To Look For Leads, Selling Your Products Abroad, How (and Why) to Write Your Own Newsletter, How to Publish Your First Article, Marketing Your Services: 1993 Reader's Poll Results, How to Sell Your Steak by Selling Its Sizzle.
Source: Khera Communications, Inc. [1997-08-09]
Last checked: 2/27/2001 15:26:20
Guerrilla Tactics
Description: Weekly E-zine devoted to high impact marketing tactics.
Source: iPUB Interactive Publishing and Guerrilla Marketing International [1997-08-09]
Last checked: 2/27/2001 15:34:18
Business Week Online
Description: One of the top business magazines goes online.
Source: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. [1997-08-09]
Last checked: 2/27/2001 15:35:14
Virtual Promote
Description: Probably more information than you could digest in a lifetime.
Source: SmartDesk, Inc. [1997-08-09]
Last checked: 2/27/2001 15:45:04

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