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Server-side Programming discusses web enabling software, data integrationsoftware and the likes.

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Server-side Programming

Yahoo!'s Server Side Includes
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:34:20
HTTPd Tutorial: Server Side Includes (SSI)
Description: NCSA HTTPd allows users to create documents which provide simple information to clients on the fly. Such information can include the current date, the file's last modification date, and the size or last modification of other files.
Source: NCSA [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:34:37
Apache's mod_include
Description: Documentation on using the mod_include module, providing server-parsed HTML documents on Apache servers.
Source: Apache [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:34:53
Description: Publishes Microsoft Access database files on the Web or intranet. Run query and append operations from a web browser with almost any web server. Windows95 and NT.
Source: SiteSoft [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:35:26
Cold Fusion
Description: WWW Database Development tool for Windows NT and Windows 95 which enables the rapid creation of interactive, forms-based Web database applications. They now also have a Solaris version.
Source: Allaire [1997-09-01]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:35:57
Description: Secure, read/write, ODBC access to relational databases on the Internet.
Source: xxx [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:36:18
Dynamic Information Systems Corporation (DISC)
Description: Instant on-line information access for client server, decision support, data warehousing, & the Web via OMNIDEX multidimensional and aggregation indexes and keyword search engine.
Source: xxx [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:36:53
Global Recall
Description: specializing in designing and implementing intranet knowledge base applications for geographically dispersed companies.
Source: xxx [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:37:17
Description: Java-based enterprise web application development and delivery. The NetDynamics product set is built around a high-performance Java application server, a powerful visual RAD environment that generates Java, HTML and SQL, and WebEXTEND which enables integration with core business applications and corporate databases. Supporting NT and all major Unix platforms, and Informix, Oracle, Sybase and ODBC-compliant database systems.
Source: NetDynamics [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:38:17
Tesserae Information Systems
Description: Products and services for integrating dynamic, heterogeneous, distributed information sources on an intranet or the Internet.
Source: Tesserae [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:40:05
Description: Web+ is a powerful tool for creating dynamic Web sites for NT and Unix; and WebPlusShop, a shopping cart application. Web+ integrates databases, file systems, e-mail, and other applications.
Source: TalentSoft [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:41:08
Description: Has all the search strengths of the normal version of TR, but requires a web client to access its functionality and to act as its user interface.
Source: xxx [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:41:24
Description: Full web server connecting databases to your website. Webmasters use WebBase to build applications into their website. For corporate intranet and internet.
Source: xxx [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:41:54
Web Server 4D
Description: Web Server 4D is wicked fast web server and database integrated into one application. Lots of standard features, real-time tracking statistical tracking, serves pages from a high performance database. Available for Macintosh and Windows NT.
Source: Web Server 4D [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:22:03
Yahoo!'s Persistent Cookies
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:46:43
Cookie Specification
Description: Cookies are a way for a server to sustain a stateful session by passing information back to a user agent; the user agent returns the information back to the server on its next visit. This page links to the rfc2109 - HTTP Client State Management proposed standard as well as to follow-up pages.
Source: David M. Kristol [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:47:05
Persistent Client State
Description: Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections (such as CGI scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. The addition of a simple, persistent, client-side state significantly extends the capabilities of Web-based client-server applications. This document is the preliminary specification.
Source: Netscape [1997-08-04]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:47:31
Description: A complete Web Application Development software package which includes a built-in, web-based relational database management system, and utilizes an intuitive, tag-based language for queries and web integration.
Source: TSD, Inc. [1999-04-02]
Last checked: 4/2/1999 01:54:04

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