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AGI Project Elements and Files

Table of Contents:

  1. About the AGI Project
  2. About Accessibility Month
  3. Project Elements and Files
  4. Project Status
  5. Who Participated
  6. Mailing Lists
  7. Useful Accessibility Links

Project Elements

Participation in the project will involve the following elements:

Questionnaire #1: Preliminary Information

Basic information about the individuals/company implementing the Guidelines on a new or existing site, and details about the site itself and scope of the implementation project. (This will be used for administration purposes by the project coordinators, and also for demographics regarding the AGI project.)

Questionnaire #2: Pre-Implementation Guidlines Review

Reading over the WAI page author guidelines, what are your impressions, as an implementor? Which of the suggestions do you immediately agree with, and which do you disagree with? What look to be the easiest and hardest, without having done the work yet? (This will be part of the information supplied to the W3C's WAI project.)

Accessibility Plan

Create a document that describes the accessibility policy and procedures for your website, and how you will implement the WAI guidelines on your site. The AGI project coordinators will work with project participants on developing these proposals. (These may be used as examples of accessibility plans or policies, posted on the Guild's website.)

Pre-Implementation Critique (existing websites only)

Existing sites should be submitted to the hwg-critique mailing list, requesting an evaluation of the site with accessibility issues in mind. An introduction to, and explanation of, the AGI project will be posted to hwg-critique before the AGI evaluations are requested.

Guideline Implementation

This is when the new site is actually created, or the old site is retrofitted, according to the accessibility plan created before. The time to do this may vary from site to site, and that's fine -- finish when you are finished. Implementors should take notes specifically regarding accessibility issues when building the sites, for use later.

Questionnaire #3: Post-Implementation Guideline Assessment

The "flip side" of questionnaire #2 -- now that you have worked with these guidelines, what did you think? What parts worked, what parts didn't? What's your overall opinion of the WAI guidelines, and did they improve your site? How much extra time and effort, if any, did it take to design for accessibility? Was it worth it? (These responses will likewise be part of the report presented to the W3C.)

Post-Implementation Critique

Sites that have been completed should be submitted to hwg-critique for accessibility critiques, as described above, to get feedback from others on the accessibility features or issues addressed by the site design.

Implementation Report

The implementors should submit a complete summary of their experiences working with the WAI guidelines, offering recommendations and feedback from the perspective of a web page designer. (These will comprise part of the report to the W3C from the AGI project.)

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