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AGI Project Participants

Table of Contents:

  1. About the AGI Project
  2. About Accessibility Month
  3. Project Elements and Files
  4. Project Status
  5. Who Participated
  6. Mailing Lists
  7. Useful Accessibility Links

Who Participated

Over 50 companies and individuals in four countries participated in the AGI project. Here are their names, a brief description of the types of sites they worked on, and links to their pages.

  1. About White Moving & Storage, Denver, Colorado
  2. American Theological Library Association
  3. BPRJ Enterprises Home Businesses Plus
  4. BRHS Alumni Website
  5. Balanone's Temple of Set Information
  6. Bruce Herriott & Associates
  7. Budgerigars Galore
  8. Business Image and Design Service
  9. CMGnews
  10. Carren's Cottage
  11. Centre of Law and Justice, Sir Sandford Fleming College
  12. Chrys' Celtic Page
  13. Clearlite Enterprises
  14. Cross Net
  15. Cyber-Sierras Natural Resources Job Search
  16. Denison Texas
  17. Desert Lynx's Oasis
  18. Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc.
  19. Endura Software Corporation
  20. Ethnic Services Round Table, New York Library Association
  21. Fans of Randy Travis
  22. Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula
  23. Gordon on Earthlink
  24. Harry's Place
  25. JFK Assassination Research Materials
  26. JKSoft Web
  27. Japan-American Society of Colorado
  28. Jason;s Doorstep
  29. Ken's Little Corner of Cyberspace
  30. Lions of Virginia
  31. Little People of America National Conference '98
  32. Maine Department of Transportation
  33. Montana Tech Computer Assistance Page
  34. Mrs Fate's Web Diversions
  35. National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)
  36. Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Psychiatry
  37. Oetterli skylit och dekor
  38. Off The Top Of My Head
  39. Ohio Valley Pomeranian Club
  40. Opus 2
  41. PubList.com
  42. Public Services Commission of Canada
  43. RHM Designs: Deconstruction
  44. Samuel C. Williams Library
  45. Sky Pirates Web Design
  46. T's Web Design
  47. Tallahassee Families With Asian Children
  48. The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society
  49. The Eclectic Seizure Online Magazine
  50. The Educational Emporium
  51. The Frown
  52. The McNevin Crew
  53. Thought bubble
  54. TravelVision
  55. Vegan Village
  56. Virtual Recycling
  57. Web Wizardry
  58. Where to Stay in the Caribbean
  59. XYPOINT Corporation Internet Site

About White Moving & Storage, Denver, Colorado
URL: http://www.whitemoving,com
Designer: Robert Simmons
Contact: Robert@pipeline.com
Type of Site: Commercial
Language: English
Location: Denver, Colorado USA
Description: Description and history of White Moving, Inc. and their services.

American Theological Library Association
URL: http://atla.library.vanderbilt.edu/atla/home.html
Designer: American Theological Library Association
Contact: Kathy D. Flint / kflint@atla.com
Type of Site: non-profit organization, religion
Language: English
Location: Evanston, IL, USA
Description: The current goals of the ATLA Web Site are to : provide prospective members with information about our association;provide communication and service to our members; offer reference resources and educational information about our products.

BPRJ Enterprises Home Businesses Plus
URL: http://www.bprj.com
Designer: BPSRJ Enterprises
Contact: Blane Griffith blaneg@bprj.com
Type of Site: Home Business Opportunities
Language: English
Location: California
Description: My site is geared toward offering home business opportunities, marketing resources, web hosting, web design resources, shopping and anything else I believe Internet surfers would enjoy or can use.

BRHS Alumni Website
URL: http://brhsalum.home.ml.org
Designer: Boothbay Region High School
Contact: Jake Cross, brhsalum@yahoo.com
Type of Site: non-profit organization
Language: English
Location: Portland, ME, USA
Description: Allows alums to register in our database and participate in on-line forums. We are also soon to offer a regular newsletter as well as home page design and hosting for registered alums.

Balanone's Temple of Set Information
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Aathens/Dephi/4979
Designer: Balanone
Contact: Balanone: Balanone@geocities.com
Type of Site: Informational
Language: English
Location: GeoCities, USA
Description: Site concerns the Temple of Set, created by Balanone (a long-time member).Primary documents are Balanone's Temple of Set FAQ and REF documents, and other pages contain supporting or related information.

Bruce Herriott & Associates
URL: http://www.bha-online.com
Designer: global-matrix
Contact: Dan W. Herriott dherriott@prodigy.net
Type of Site: Retail computer supplies
Language: English
Location: Lincoln, NE, USA
Description: Targetting anyone who uses a computer, copier, fax, or POS consumable supplies and will probably consist heavily of those with limited or no physical access to the major retail discounters.

Budgerigars Galore
URL: http://www.birdroom.nu/
Designer: Dolores Noonan
Contact: Dolores Noonan dolores@birdroom.nu
Type of Site: Hobby
Language: English
Location: Wales, UK
Description: Over 200 pages on English exhibition budgerigars dealing with genetics, breeding, management, diseases, popular varieties, specialist and rare varieties, show preparation, judging, clubs and societies.

Business Image and Design Service
URL: http://www.bids2000.com
Designer: Business Image and Design Service
Contact: Kathy Duncan webmaster@bids2000.com
Type of Site: commercial website and business services
Language: English
Location: Oklahoma City, OK USA
Description: We offer website development, web marketing and promotion, hosting and web maintenance.

URL: http://www.cmgnews.com/hometitle.htm
Designer: Construction Media Group
Contact: Kim Gross, kmg@cmgnews.com
Type of Site: commercial
Language: English
Location: Indianapolis, IN USA
Description: CMGnews provides daily information on the heavy highway construction and design/build industries. Hardhat Online features a user driven search of used equipment currently for sale.

Carren's Cottage
URL: http://www.concentric.net/~carren/
Designer: Anne Imlay-burns
Contact: carren@concentric.net
Type of Site: Personal home page
Language: English
Location: Columbus, OH USA
Description: An eclectic collection built on a cottage theme.

Centre of Law and Justice, Sir Sandford Fleming College
URL: http://fleming0.flemingc.on.ca/lj/htm
Designer: Sir Sandford Fleming College of Applied Arts and Technology
Contact: Art Clarke aclarke@flemingc.on.ca
Type of Site: post-secondary education
Language: English
Location: Peterborough, ON, Canada
Description: The site has two purposes: a) To provide to prospective students info about the six diploma programs available; b) A sub-site http://fleming0.flemingc.on.ca/lj/altdel.htm contains the beginnings of on-line course material.

Chrys' Celtic Page
URL: http://wvnvm.wvnet.edu/~cna00104/
Designer: Chrys' Celtic Page
Contact: Chrys Amy Dean tpots@usa.net private
Type of Site: hobby, educational
Language: English
Location: West Virginia, USA
Description: A collection of resources and links of material relating to ancient and modern celtic peoples and cultures.

Clearlite Enterprises
URL: http://www.clearlite.com
Designer: Elearlite Enterprises
Contact: Rosey Clearlite RoseyClear@aol.com
Type of Site: Commercial
Language: English

Cross Net
URL: http://w3.goodnews.net/~netkid/
Designer: Scott Groppenbecker
Contact: Scott Groppenbecker netkid@goodnews.net
Type of Site: Christian megasite
Language: English
Location: Cincinnati, OH USA
Description: This is a site for all Christians as well as non-Christians that want to find out about Christianity. We hae message boards, chat, news, links, articles, search tools for the Bible, and more!

Cyber-Sierras Natural Resources Job Search
URL: http://www.cyber-sierra.com/nrjobs/index.html
Designer: Cyber-Sierra
Contact: mtplanr@cyber-sierra.com
Type of Site: free job information commercial site
Language: English
Location: US East Coast
Description: This site is a large collection of annotated links leading to web locations where job vacancies in various natural resource occupations might be posted.

Denison Texas
URL: http://www.denisontx.com
Designer: Glass Portal Marketing
Contact: Wayne Jamison wjamison@texoma.net
Type of Site: informational
Language: English
Location: Denison, Texas
Description: Information about the city of Denison,History,Events, Links.

Desert Lynx's Oasis
URL: http://www.nevada.edu/~blakejl
Designer: Jonathan Blake
Contact: Jonathan Blake blakejl@nevada.edu
Type of Site: Hobby
Language: English
Location: Las Vegas, NV USA
Description: Desert Lynx's Oasis is devoted to the Lone Wolf fantasy gamebook series created by Joe Dever. It is a medium scale project with about sixty separate pages.

Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc.
URL: http://www.frognet.net/~dhi/
Designer: Michael D. McCrea
Type of Site: Commercial
Language: English
Location: Athens, OH, USA
Description: This site works for a business that functions as a biotech supplier and research agent.

Endura Software Corporation
URL: http://www.enduracorp.com
Designer: Endura Software Corporation
Contact: Chuck Evans, Webmaster, chuck.evans@enduracorp.com
Type of Site: Business
Language: English
Location: Seattle, WA USA
Description: Endura is a software company, and our site is a standard business site promoting our products and services, and providing information about our company.

Ethnic Services Round Table, New York Library Association
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/2852/index.html
Designer: Rebekah Tanner
Contact: Rebekah Tanner ca989@freenet.buffalo.edu mvl tanne@saks.edu
Type of Site: non-profit professional organization
Language: English
Location: California and New York
Description: Contains organizational information, committee contact persons, by-laws, meeting information, etc. and two sub-sites with information on ethnic groups: Native-Americans, Irish, and Irish-Americans.

Fans of Randy Travis
URL: http://www.duckies.net/fort/
Designer: Kiyomi Yim
Contact: Kiyomi Yim kiyomi@yahoo.com
Type of Site: Fan page
Language: English
Location: Richmond, CA
Description: Fan page on country singer and actor Randy Travis

Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula
URL: http://foodbank.seva.net
Designer: Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula
Contact: Monica L. Stewart mstewart@items4sale.com (work) alpha1@atel.net (home)
Type of Site: Non-profit organization
Language: English
Location: Newport News, VA USA
Description: Information on what the foodbank is, our mission, who we serve, how we obtain food, the staff, the board of directors, the agencies that serve the community, etc.

Gordon on Earthlink
URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~gordon69b
Designer: Gordon Blackstock
Contact: Gordon blackstock gordon69@earthlink.net
Type of Site: hobby & educational pages
Language: English
Location: Pasadena, CA, USA
Description: This site contains comments and demonstrations of CSS and HTML 4.0.It also has links to a few sites that I/ve coded.

Harry's Place
URL: http://memberts.aol.com/hdlss
Designer: Computer Concepts
Contact: Harry Bush hdlss@bellatlantic.net
Type of Site: Personal homepage
Language: English
Location: AOL server, Reston, VA - home Levittown, PA
Description: first attempt at web page design

JFK Assassination Research Materials
URL: http://www.pe.net/~atd/index.html
Designer: ATTENTION to Details
Contact: Clint Bradford atd@pe.net
Type of Site: Educational, reference, American history
Language: English/Spanish
Location: Mira Loma, CA USA
Description: ATTENTION to details offers more than 400 texts, articles, and photographs relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The most-requested files are offered on this site.

JKSoft Web
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~jksoft
Designer: JKSoft
Contact: JKSoftNow@AOL.COM ToidyMan@AOL.COM
Type of Site: Commercial
Language: English
Location: Chantilly, VA USA
Description: This site is for distribution of products produced by JKSoft. It also contains links to sites programmers may find of interest, and information concerning JKSoft Products, services, or other important information.

Japan-American Society of Colorado
URL: http://www.us-japan.org/colorado
Designer: Whittman-Hart
Contact: Ty Bohannon ty.bohannon@whittman-hart.com
Type of Site: Non-profit organization
Language: Japanese & English
Location: Denver, CO, USA
Description: The Japan America Society of Colorado (JASC) is an association of individuals and businesses in Colorado actively engaged in bringing the people of America and Japan closer together in understanding, appreciation and cooperation.

Jason;s Doorstep
URL: http://www.bigfoot.com/~jsheridan
Designer: Jason A. Wallwork
Type of Site: Personal homepage
Language: English
Location: Peterbough, Ontario ,Canada
Description: This is a personal homepage site with information about me, a few graphics, my favorite links, an ICQ panel and other contact information.

Ken's Little Corner of Cyberspace
URL: http://www.geocities.com/southbeach/boardwalk/8214
Designer: Ken Perez
Contact: Ken Perez dudly do right@hotmail.com
Type of Site: Personal home page
Language: English
Location: Oceanside, CA, USA
Description: Peronal links, webrings, stuff about me

Lions of Virginia
URL: http://www.pwcweb.com/d24alions/
Designer: Tom Bohacek
Contact: Tom Bohacek tbohacek@erols.com
Type of Site: non-profit service club
Language: English
Location: Northern VA, USA
Description: Provides information about the Lions Club in Northern VA, show the contributions made to the community and provides contacts to clubs in the area.

Little People of America National Conference '98
URL: http://arachnifile.com/lpa/98nat
Designer: Arachnifile Web Services
Contact: Nick Koonce webmaster@arachnifile.com
Type of Site: Non-profit organization Convention
Language: English
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Description: Little People of America National ConferenceLos Angeles, California JULY 5-11, 1998

Maine Department of Transportation
URL: http://www.state.me.us/mdot
Designer: MDOT
Contact: Scott McNeill scott.mcniell@state.me.us
Type of Site: Governmental
Language: English
Location: Augusta, Me. USA
Description: A site to convey transportation information to the businesses and people of Maine as well as a resource for tourists and motorists.

Montana Tech Computer Assistance Page
Designer: Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Contact: Nate Yakawich nlyakawich@mtech.edu
Type of Site: education computer assistance
Language: English
Location: Butte, Montana
Description: Originally designed with JAVA capable browsers and older browsers in mind. This site is intended (not yet public), to help our staff, students, and members of our community to understand the basics of Windows95 maintenance and keep up their systems.

Mrs Fate's Web Diversions
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ma/mrsfate/
Designer: Mrs Fate's Web Diversions
Contact: Joanne Fate lafate@worldnet.att.net
Type of Site: personal, diversions, fatalisms, break, misadventures
Language: English
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Description: Mrs Fate's Web Diversions is a collection of Mrs Fates's Misadventures.

National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)
URL: http://www.naric.com/naric/
Designer: National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)
Contact: Dan Wendling wendling@mindspring.com; Jessica Chaiken jchaiken@mindspring.com
Type of Site: Federally-funded information center
Language: English
Location: Silver Springs, MD USA
Description: NARIC's web site offers users 5 separate databases to search for disability and rehabilitation resources, including current and historical literature; federally-funded research; and disability and rehabilitation organizations, journals, and Internet resources.

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Psychiatry
URL: http://www-nmcp.med.navy.mil/psych/
Designer: Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
Contact: Frances Stewart, fstewart@med.navy.mil
Type of Site: government
Language: English
Location: Portsmouth, VA, USA
Description: NMCP is one of the U.S. Navy's three major teaching hospitals. The Psychiatry Department offers clinical services, educational and research opportunities and operational support.

Oetterli skylit och dekor
URL: http://www.oetterli.a.se
Designer: cinbad ideas.
Contact: Just me cinbad@algonet.se
Type of Site: advertising site for a sign company
Language: English and Swedish
Location: Stockholm , Sweden
Description: an attempt to proliferate the Oetterli signwriting company on the Internet.

Off The Top Of My Head
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/5394/
Designer: Ken Siwek
Contact: Ken Siwek kensiwek@hotmail.com
Type of Site: Personal Christian Web Site
Language: English
Location: Visalia, CA USA
Description: My web site was designed to provide an anonymous prayer list for everyone, to provide a place for my bible study notes and to encourage others to set up their own websites.

Ohio Valley Pomeranian Club
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/oh/ovpc
Designer: (Ruth Ripperger) Software Synergy Inc.
Contact: Ruth Ripperger rrip@fuse.net
Type of Site: Non-profit organization
Language: English
Location: USA
Description: Promotes Pomeranian dogs in Ohio by disseminating information about the club and its activties

Opus 2
URL: http://www.tcsx.net/users/flowershome/
Designer: Opus 2
Contact: Russell Flowers flowershome@tcsx.net
Type of Site: Personal home page
Language: English
Location: Bowling Green, KY USA
Description: My web site has articles, essays, poems, puzzles, art & more! I striving for more interactivity with my users.

URL: http://www.publist.com
Designer: PubList.com
Contact: John D. Lewis JLewis@PubList.com
Type of Site: Online bibliographic database of publications
Language: English
Location: USA (in several different states)
Description: An online bibliographic database of periodicals (magazines, serials, and journals) in all fields, scientific, commercial, industrial, hobbies, etc.)

Public Services Commission of Canada
URL: http://www.psc-cfp.gc.ca/
Designer: XIST Informations Services and Technology Inc.
Contact: David Jakob David.Jakob@xist.com
Type of Site: Federal Government (Canada)
Language: English and French
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Description: The Public Services Commission of Canada is the independent agency responsible for the appointment of qualified persons to and within the Canadian Federal Public Service, and for the design and development of corporate learning opportunities for professio

RHM Designs: Deconstruction
URL: http://www-scf.usc.edu/~rmarquez
Designer: RHM Designs
Contact: Covec Rienhert rmarqsuez@scf.usc.edu Private Renay H. Marquez rhm_designs@hotmail.com
Type of Site: Personal
Language: English
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Description: I have several sites connected to this site because I have either been a consultant for that site or have built it personally.

Samuel C. Williams Library
URL: http://www.lib.stevens-tech.edu.
Designer: Stevens Institute of Technology
Contact: Tom Anderson, tanderso@stevens-tech.edu
Type of Site: non-profit educational institution
Language: English
Location: Hoboken, NJ, USA
Description: The Samuel C. Williams Library is the library of Stevens Institute of Technology. We offer most of our services through computers, including databases, catalogs, etc. The site is mostly accessed by students and professors at Stevens and other unive

Sky Pirates Web Design
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~webtroll
Designer: Michael Klingensmith
Contact: Michael Klingensmith webtroll@geocities.com
Type of Site: commercial web design
Language: English
Location: Hollister, CA, USA
Description: Sky Pirates develops informative, stylish, and browser-friendly designs for personal, educational and business web pages.

T's Web Design
URL: http://www.alaska.net/~truby/index.html
Designer: T's Web Design
Contact: Teri Ruby truby@alaska.net
Type of Site: Web page design service
Language: English, maybe Spanish
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Description: Personal home page and learning area.

Tallahassee Families With Asian Children
URL: http://www.vistech,net/users/triley/tfac
Designer: Lloyd J. Tribley
Contact: Lloyd J. Tribley, tribley@tlh.fdt.net, Darcy A. Abbott, dabbot@ kissmyfishlips.com
Type of Site: Community, Asian Adoption Support Group
Language: English
Location: Tallahassee, FL USA
Description: Provides information about international adoption, focusing specifically on Asian adoption. Supports Tallahassee Families with Asian Children (TFwAC) community and regional activities.

The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society
URL: http://www.eatel.net/~fred/bras/bras.html
Designer: Frederick J. Barnett
Contact: Frederick J. Barnett fred@eatel.net
Type of Site: Non-profit Organization
Language: English
Location: Gonzales, Louisiana, USA
Description: Provides info on B.R.A.S. and our activities, local astronomical info (pending), and over 1000 astronomy and space links.

The Eclectic Seizure Online Magazine
URL: http://www.gis.net/~lenpal/e-seiz.htm
Designer: LenPal Enterprises
Contact: Len Pallazoa at LenPal@bigfoot.com
Type of Site: Weekly online variety magazine
Language: English
Location: Gloucester, MA USA
Description: The Eclectic Seizure is a weekly magazine that includes technical articles, essays, fiction, reviews, an advice column, poetry, quotations, contests, a message base, and other features.

The Educational Emporium
URL: http://www.csinet.net/taymade/
Designer: Taylor-made
Contact: Joyce Taylor taymade@csinet.net
Type of Site: Educational
Language: English
Location: Indiana
Description: My endeavor is to provide links to educational sites that I have found informative, interesting, or just plain helpful in the pursuit of learning.

The Frown
URL: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/4928/
Designer: Michael Kingensmith
Contact: Michael Klingensmith webtroll@geocities.com
Type of Site:
Language: English
Location: USA
Description: The Frown is aneclectic mix of original cartooning, poetry, short stories, animated gifs, and links to sites about jazz, blues, web site design, the paranormal, and other oddities.

The McNevin Crew
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/1519/
Designer: Tony McNevin
Type of Site: Family
Language: English
Location: UK
Description: Just a small site about ourselves, our hobbies and interests, links to some of our favorite sites and links to friends' sites on the Net.

Thought bubble
URL: http://www.thoughtbubble.demon.co.uk/
Designer: Thought bubble
Contact: James Maltby jimbo@webthing.demon.co.uk Terry Krejzl terry@webthing.demon.co.uk
Type of Site: Commercial - partnership
Language: English (UK)
Location: London - UK
Description: The site will be the front end of a new partnership for Thought Bubble. We intend it as a showcase for our partnership in web and graphic design, training and consultancy.

URL: http://kathyz.home.mindspring.com
Designer: Right-Track
Contact: Martin Blackwell martin @mindspring.com
Type of Site: commercial and educational
Language: English
Location: Glendale, CA, USA
Description: Advertises Orientation and Mobility services for the blind for a self-employed individual, and contains related resources.

Vegan Village
URL: http://www.veganvillage.co.uk/
Designer: Imaner Consultants
Contact: Libby imaner@dial.pipex.com
Type of Site: mainly hobby, partly commercial
Language: English
Location: Leeds, W. Yorkshire, UK
Description: An index of organizations in the UK which are both run by vegans and provide goods or services suitable for Vegans.

Virtual Recycling
URL: http://www.virtualrecycling.com
Designer: EnviroScribe Consulting, Environmental Education & Web Communications
Contact: Andrea Downey-Franchuk,Principal (enscribes@MTS.net)
Type of Site: Environmental education
Language: English
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Description: Virtual Recycling was created in 1997 to provide teachers and students in the Manitoba school system with factual information about recycling.

Web Wizardry
URL: http://www.geocities.com/~webwizardry
Designer: PJ Wells-Graham
Contact: PJ Wells-Graham pjgraham@network-one.com
Type of Site: Personal homepage
Language: English
Location: Fulton, Ms USA
Description: offers Web Design, HTML Help, and General Web Site Assistance. Web Site has graphics, animation, background, buttons, screen savers, etc. for free to personal or non-profit organizations

Where to Stay in the Caribbean
URL: http://www.where2stay.com
Designer: Beach Bound Publishing, Inc.
Contact: Thom Dunaway webmaster@where2stay.com
Type of Site: Informational
Language: English
Description: Caribbean travel planner. General island information, current weather, 5-day forecasts, marriage information, and reviews for over 600 hotels and resorts.

XYPOINT Corporation Internet Site
URL: http://www.xypoint.com/
Designer: XYPOINT Corporation
Contact: gshafer@xypoint.com
Type of Site: Commercial
Language: English
Location: Seattle, WA USA
Description: Company web site for XYPOINTCorporation detailing products, services, industry information, public policy, and government information.

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