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Useful URLs

A collection of URLs organized into several useful categories.

Useful URLs

Finding Information on the Web
Making Your Pages Look Good to Many Browsers
Information on HTML Tags and How to Use Them
Graphics and Sound
Advanced Features: Forms and CGI
Advanced Features: Imagemaps
Advanced Features: Frames and Tables
Advanced Features: Cookies and Shopping Carts
Advanced Features: Javascript
(including tutorials and script libraries)
Advanced Features: Java
(including tutorials and applet libraries)
Advanced Features: ActiveX
(including tutorials and control libraries)
Advanced Features: Style Sheets (CSS1)
Advanced Features: Server Side Includes
Advanced Features: Accessing Databases
Advanced Features: Passwords and Security
Browser-Specific Information
MSIE, Netscape, Mosaic, Spyglass Mosaic, Lynx, Finding Other Browsers
(Setting up a host site and finding Web space)
Webmarketing and Demographics
Hardware Questions
HWG Official Resources

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