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Finding Information on the Web

Last checked: 2/27/2001 05:58:53
Last checked: 2/27/2001 05:59:26
Alta Vista
Last checked: 4/2/1999 15:20:47
Last checked: 2/27/2001 05:58:29
Last checked: 2/27/2001 06:00:48
The Spider's Apprentice
Description: (short technical article with examples)
Last checked: 2/27/2001 06:01:32
Explanation of meta-tags and search engines
Description: (go to this site, then click on ADD URL: the META TAG explanation is at the bottom of the form)
Last checked: 2/27/2001 06:04:28
Search Engine Watch
Description: (high content site, with specific examples of how one site designer moved his site higher in the listings. A feature chart compares how different search engines index a site).
Last checked: 2/27/2001 06:05:05
Description: A mailing list directory
Last checked: 2/27/2001 06:05:56
The Web Robots Pages by Martijn Koster
Description: "Web Robots are programs that traverse the Web automatically. Some people call them Web Wanderers, Crawlers, or Spiders. These pages have further information about these Web Robots."
Last checked: 2/27/2001 06:06:29
Description: "Google uses sophisticated next-generation technology to produce the right results fast with every query. Google returns relevant results because it responds to your query using an automated method that ranks relevant websites based on the link structure of the Internet itself."
Last checked: 2/27/2001 06:06:48

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