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JavaScript is Netscape's cross-platform, object-based scripting language for client and server applications. There are two kinds of JavaScript: Navigator JavaScript, or client-side JavaScript

NewTech Resources

Ask the JavaScript Pro
Description: This is a complete database of JavaScript related questions answered by the Pros.
Source: Inquiry.Com by Fawcette Technical Publications [(error)]
Versions: All
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:29:59
Netscape JavaScript Guide
Description: This is the Netscape Navigator Manual's section on JavaScript. All 13 chapters and 4 appendices are available for viewing, downloading, and printing. A complete source of JavaScript information.
Versions: JavaScript 1.1
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:31:04
The WDVL: Authoring JavaScript
Description: A very good online (but currently under construction) tutorial, some sample scripts, and links to other resouces.
Source: CyberWeb Software [(error)]
Versions: JavaScript 1.0
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:31:34
The JavaScript Planet
Description: This site has good examples of how to use JavaScript to perform unique functions. There are several scripts you can download for your own use. However, this site is kind of hard to navigate and the menus are a little cluttered. A good collection of, demonstration of, and explanation of JavaScripts.
Source: Mattias Sjoberg [(error)]
Versions: Up to JavaScript 1.2
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:31:50
JavaScript by EarthWeb's Developer.Com
Description: This site has been recently updated and split into several useful and up-to-date categories related to JavaScript - from education to help to utilities.
Source: EarthWeb Inc. [(error)]
Versions: All
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:34:24
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
Description: This site has over 172 free JavaScripts, a monthly newsletter, and monthly features concerning JavaScript.
Source: Infohiway, Inc. [(error)]
Versions: All
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:34:48
Timothy's JavaScript Examples
Description: A huge collection of useful JavaScript examples. It also has a list of other JavaScript resources on the web.
Source: Tim Wallace [(error)]
Versions: Up to JavaScript 1.3
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:35:17
The Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript
Description: This is the Internet site for Que's book. The site contains an introduction, example scripts, techiques, tips and tricks, an incomplete reference guide, and links to other resources.
Source: Que Publishing [(error)]
Versions: JavaScript 1.0
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:35:40
Webpedia - The Ultimate Web Reference
Description: This site has a complete online tutorial as well as a Question and Answer section.
Source: MyDesktop Network [(error)]
Versions: All the latest
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:36:24
Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript
Description: This site has a decent introduction to the JavaScript.
Source: Stefan Koch [(error)]
Versions: Up to JavaScript 1.2
Last checked: 4/2/1999 00:36:40

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